1 God - Leaders of the New SchoolI purchased the album and quickly realized that when 1 God said leaders…plural…he was referring to all of his friends and ministers in this Christian Rap arena.  He put together an album that actually has 16 tracks and 17 features.  It’s more like a compilation album that features 1 God.

It starts off with the title cut called Leaders of the New School.  It features I Am Justified and is really introducing the fact Gospel rap is here and we still out here working for the kingdom.  Doctor is a song highlighting the fact that Jesus is and will always be the ultimate doctor for any situation.  It is also my favorite on the project.  Off my chest was about just letting some stuff go that’s been weighing down on you.  Him and Rifica got a few things off their chest.  What you know about me is a upbeat track featuring Xcelsius talking about the fact the people don’t really know me, even if they think they do.  Finally is a victory song about coming through challenges.  Finally I’m getting to a place where I want to be.  Good Day was about reflecting the good ole days growing up.  Star Power was a song about the most high…that star in the sky and even in the midst of dealing with the loss of loved ones, you can be strong for those you have to take care of.

4 Real is a song about being saved and trying walk the straight and narrow. People tend to think that its all good just cause we saved.  They don’t understand the struggles.  5 AM is recognizing and highlighting that being a family man and taking care of your business is more gangsta than anything else you could possibly be doing.  For A Week is about staying prayed up.  You gotta make it a habit and pray daily.  Still Love featuring Wyzeman is about just showing love, regardless if they hating on you or celebrating with you.  Look what you made me do was just 1 God and Xcelsius spitting about representing for God.

Dig these lyrics from Doctor…

I know the sin doctor
flame blocker
the everlasting non stopper
the holy hip hopper
the reason I do it proper
so back off me boppa
the blades still spinning I’m choppin
these boys some imposters
they whole lil roster
and if I wasn’t saved I’d been came and gotcha
yeah its a party but no waka flaka
got the holy spirit in me I don’t need ya lil vodka
star wars skills you can call me chubacka
the flow stay real like a chic name tanaca
funny valentine but no I’m not shaka
Lord keep me underground Imma real chief rocka
dirt off my flesh thats the bloodstain blocker
chop of my sins like a lumberjack, try to
dude I can minister and I don’t need a white collar
a broken piece of clay and he fixed me, the potter

1 God got a real crafty flow when he spit.  The verses are loaded with slick punch lines, scriptural notations and crunk ad libs.  Most of the tracks were upbeat so the album has you rockin from start to finish.  Leaders of the New School is a great way to learn more about 1 God and also hear some of your favorite artists.  Sow a seed and get yours today.