Shout out to my fam in Detroit…A Sinners Mercy. We working.

A Sinner’s Mercy is what our Heavenly Father has blessed us with.  At this company, we know we are not saints, nor pretend to be. We are merely faithful servants and followers of the Most High who understand the importance to spread His word amongst all of our people. That word is so powerful, so important, so necessary to our walk of life and our existence. So much so that we love to sing, dance, perform, create, express, and fellowship to show how dear The Heavenly Father is to us as well as to show how grateful we are to understand that we are under His mercy.

Judgment is not our place. As that is His place and His place alone. We welcome all of those to discover and/or continue the spiritual journey that makes up the essence of their lives. With accurate knowledge, living faithfully, showcasing some of the best sound, visual, and spiritual outlets and availability to our consumers, we are able to humbly and graciously be used as tools of his to spread His truth, His Word and His understanding. This company will be a light in a carnal world seeking spiritual nourishment.

All praise and glory goes to Him. Now, we embark on a journey of acknowledgement, recognition, appreciation, and body of works of His Word. May He continue to provide us with the light, guidance, grace, mercy and strength in order to even have hopes to reciprocate to Him and show how great of a God He really and truly is.

Prayer is a very important tool that God gave us to communicate with him. Keeping your faith and putting everything in God’s hands is how we often Pray when dealing with everyday struggle!

With just one week left until the release of the debut solo album from The Regiment’s OSI (Original Soul Invented), the Detroit emcee unleashed another gem produced by The Other Guys.

OSI (Original Soul Invented) of the Detroit-based Hip Hop duo The Regiment recently announced his new company, A Sinner’s Mercy, with a brand new solo album of the same name. Digging into his roots of Gospel to spread the word of God, OSI enlisted the help of The Other Guys, as well as frequent The Regiment producers Newstalgia and Soulution, to provide the soundtrack for the new album.

A Sinner’s Mercy will be released on mp3 and compact disc January 18thPre-order your copy now!