aj-bar-examThis project got me excited. I knew he was lyricist by the way he spit poetry and I knew he would have some substance. The only raps I’d heard were some features and since I always have my eyes out for new music, when this Bar Exam came across my timeline, I had to click it. Noisetrade link. Sure, I’ll give up my email for this. Do you want to tip $5 to the artist? Sure. Let me sow my seed. That’s part of the whole Lyrical Spiritual concept. Downloaded it to my computer, burned a cd, and been jamming it since Thursday.

The Intro is the voice of a Caribbean kid setting the tone for project. He say “its all about muscle mon, we don’t do weak mon”. Kick The Door was next, yes, using Biggies track. He killed it with a few bars about just coming to take whats his. Up To Something is a reminder that, God is really up to something. Stop worrying and stressing and instead remain focused and confident.

On The Regular is one of my favorites. It will make the rotation. It’s about communicating with God and just trying to do things right on the regular basis. Acid Rain. It’s a soulful song about staying the course. It’s a reminder that you have to stay focused and keep moving forward.

Don’t, was a dedication to his lady. He took Bryson Tillers track and flirted with wifey about spittin bars. I think most of my peers did he So Gone Challenge. The AJ McQueen version is on here. Old Soul is a song about being young but thinking and acting much more mature. Shook Ones was just hard lyrics, over another classic track, to show everybody that got bar too…more than just a poet. Drip From My Walk was simply making it known that Jesus has the ultimate drip, because its all about his blood.

The mixtape has several interludes like some wise words from a Rastafarian, some more wise words from the late great Tupac. It even features a Michael Jackson interview. Young Yardie is a few bars about being bout that Jesus life. It’s about putting all faith in God. Pray For Me is literally, just asking for prayer. He say I hope you praying for me instead of praying on me.

Untitled is another favorite of mine. AJ just went in about his life and why he rep Christ. I’m Becoming is accepting the fact that we are striving to be better, even though our old friends and family may not see it. The Boycott is a song addressing the current state of America. He say we ain’t taking no more.

Dig these lyrics from On The Regular

Don’t Play bout my purpose
does it on purpose
my debts been settled and God is my merchant
and shout out my ops I see that they lurking
they say what they want I’m on my lil Durk
crown on my head like a fitted
long hair don’t care I admit it
use to fall short like a midget
now my blessings double digits
ok see I got that thunder
don’t try me in clutch like mamba
don’t try me in clutch I’m like MJ
I shake all my haters then fade away
I stay on my toes I’m like MJ
I kick it like this cause Jesus my sensay
so no I don’t care what your sin say
my team some lions we really pray
in the jungle bout to rumble
shorty long hair rapunzel
she love God and she bad oops, I mean that mean she good
300 overstood
writers block thats the hood
wish you well wish you good
no I get it out the mud

Did I tell yall homie got delivery? For real though, this is a great mixtape. It has plenty of tracks. He was spitting all kinds of flows. He had some new school tracks and respected the classics. He should’ve dropped a poetry piece on here though. It’s all good though. I’m waiting on the album. Until then, go leave ya email and get a copy of this Bar Exam.