I Am Justified - Revolution

I Am Justified’s, Revolution, could be one of the biggest Christian Hip Hop releases of 2014. It comes at a time when the nation is being reminded of racial inequalities and injustice to people of color. This album serves a reminder to Christians that through these tough times, we must be the standard. It also serves notice to non-believers that the Revolution is about to take place.

The first song is I’m reppin. This is a turn all the way up, get sweaty, mess your clothes up, dance like David, be tired when you finish, OMG play it again, everybody on your feet, young & old folk type of party praise song. It really sets the tone for the whole album. Justified was going in about really be proud to rep the Kingdom of God. Check the lyrics below…

He has another party praise song called Hands Up. Its really about why we praise. It’s about how good the Lord is and his goodness is why we have our hands up.

Revolution, the title cut, is a song about taking action. It’s time to put some works behind the faith. This is what happens when saints in the church touch and agree with the saints in streets. It features Gospel on the song and it almost seems like the beginning of a movement…like they are rounding up the troops and getting everyone in position…for the Revolution.

The late great Witney Houston sang and said…”the children are the future”. She was right. Justified showed the love and compassion he has for the kids on the song, They Don’t Care. Its a youth friendly anthem that really discusses the troubling and difficult times our youth and children face in today’s times. More importantly, if offers some instruction on what we can do to help.

God Ova Money was a song where he really wanted to make it clear who we should be worshipping.  Too many times, on too many songs and too many videos we hear too many artist glorifying money and the sinful lifestyle that money can provide.  God Ova Money is a movement Houston’s own Bizzle initiated.  In the spirit of unity, Justified is saying I agree…its God Ova Money.  Watch the video.

No Weapon just might be one my favorites. I can really appreciate this song because as much as it is a message to those who need to know, its also a courteous reminder to myself that nothing they do will work against the God in me. Justified discussed staying focused and doing what is right, even it its not the popular thing to do. Understanding that, when you do that, you will be under attack. The good news is that no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

On Baby Girl, he really wanted to encourage the single, working, independent woman who may be going through difficult times and uneasy situations.  It almost seemed like Justified was influenced by the late Tupac with this Keep Ya Head up type of dedication to the ladies.

Dance While Praising….probably needs no description, other than the fact that this might have been the first Pop Gospel Rap I’ve heard. All it needs is break dancers and glow sticks. This is a feel good, make you dance, forget the hard times for a moment and have a good time praising him song.

I’m Reppin

I’m bossed up Jesus saved got me crossed up
pulling up in something new look how I flossed up
thought that money and the fame was gonna change us
started reppin for the King look how I came up
when you rep for God they thank you supposed to be broke
boy thats a joke the wealth is laid for the just
I’m talking land inheritance boy I’m an heir
I’m talking gold streets plenty fruit on my tree
many rules but its nothing in this life for me
I was blind, but boy now I really see
bigger thangs bigger thangs went from earthly thangs
now I keep my mind focused on eternal thangs
living forever is worth more than you ever think
eyes have not seen…ears have not heard
the kingdom coming back he got a plan for us
yeah….God planned for us

Overall, Revolution is a timeless project. It has banging beats, great features, inspirational lyrics and not mention, 21 tracks. I Am Justified brought the energy for his first project.  If you’re an aspiring artist, this is how you release a debut album. The production quality was on point, thanks to good folk over at Krank It Up. The release party was masterfully done. Most of all, the anointing on Justified and this project is apparent. Get your copy today and start a Revolution.