am-uncomfortableI bought it the other day on Google Play.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect though. The last project I bought from him was Heroes For Sale. We know the boy got bars. He had bars back then.  We done heard him kill Sway in the morning and countless other features with Reach Records.  So, I opened up Google Play Music, got on the treadmill, and gave it a listen.

It started with Uncomfortable. It’s about understanding that you will be put in some uncomfortable positions when trying to walk right. Sometimes we get too comfortable in our current situations. Now I Know is about getting an understanding as you live and grow.  The things you were taught as a child should have more meaning now that you know better.  You shouldn’t make the same mistakes, now that you know.  Desperados is about how, when you start trying to walk right and be right, haters want you outta there, dead or alive. Hear My Heart is an apologetic flow to his family about mistakes he’s made in the past.

David’s Roof is a laid back soulful jazzy instrumental. It made me think…like what went down on David’s roof.  The only think I could remember was that he seen Bathsheba from his roof. Rat Race is a message to people and artist in the industry who get caught up in the business and politics. He say he not getting caught up in all that. Know That’s Right is about knowing that you have to do better. Vendetta is about the issues with society today. How government doesn’t work.  He said, “Pac did more for him than Barack did”.  

Ghost, one of my faves is a song dedicated to the people you miss.  Throughout life, you spend lots of time with people, some for a long time, others for small season.  The more time you spend, the more of an impact those people have on your life.  When they leave your life, it takes part of you with them. Love is a dedication to wifey and the family and a reminder that, we wouldn’t be anywhere without love.

Dig these lyrics from Know That’s Right…

My savior is jewish, my lawyer is jewish
my stomach is buddist, I’m tryin to lose it
but I need to chill on eating fig newtons,
I swear I don’t sweat the money only the music
I got the juice and my words got influence
thats power to use it
and I don’t wanna blow it
first off, rap lied to us
yall aint figured that yet,
they got the whole world tryna ball out,
ball so hard but you still got debt
I don’t respect anybody trying to flex yall looking the weakest,
cause I was with a billionaire last week and he had payless sneakers on,
my homegirl started stripping, I said chill and get your degree,
she told me Andy you trippin, cause you don’t make more money than me,
well, you know thats right but some money always come with a price
I love this life and I’m sure what I got next is to die for…

He has other songs on there like Strange Motions, Make Me A Believer and Uptown.  Overall, its a smooth album. It had a couple upbeat songs but majority of the mood was laid back. In the midst of the kinda soulful yet new age production, you could hear the references to Jesus and him giving glory to God.  His witty word play, clever punch lines and New York swag make it official.  It’s still 116.  Go check out Uncomfortable.