Our Daily Bread
As believers sometimes we drop the ball with the eating of our daily bread. But when we pray Jesus said “Lord, give us this day our Daily bread….”
As believers it is mandatory that we develop a consistency with reading the word of God daily.
Benefits from Eating the Word Daily:
It will make you a strong Believer- 1st John 2:14
It will assure you of your salvation- 1st John 5:13
It will give you confidence and power in prayer – 1st John 5:14,15
It will cleanse you from sin -John 15:3  John 17:17
It will give you joy – John 15:11
It will produce peace in your life – John 16:33
It will guide you in making important decisions in your life -Psalm 119:105I dare you to try it. Peace and blessings…