bizzle-surrender-coverIn 2015, the Bizzle dropped this Surrender project.  This followed the Well Wishes project. It starts off with the Intro, with Bizzle telling us to basically choose Life instead of death. Surrender, the title cut, was about the fact we need to surrender to the will of God.  Not For Sale is about standing strong on your faith, what you believe and not selling out.  He saying you can’t pay him to change his message and poison the people.  Protocol is about the rules of following Christ. Once we’ve died for Christ, and he lives in us, then somethings you just don’t do. You have to follow the protocol. No More is a confessional about being out and in the public and struggling to walk the straight and narrow.  He said we have to do better when we know better. Anybody is about the fact that Jesus saved me and he can save you too.  He can save anybody.

Sin No More is about just trying to do better and recognizing that you have to continually try and be better.  As good as you can be, its just that easy to slip up.  Trying not to sin is a constant battle. Ride Out is about staying focused on your purpose.  Keep doing what you need to do, even when it seem hopeless.  Soul Deep is a lesson and prayer about the confusion and misconceptions people have about the Bible and what we believe.  He discussed the false prophets and the confusion that is created when people twist the Bible for their own benefit.

Monopoly is about this life we live and how its similar to a game of monopoly.  Its a creative comparison to the famous board game and the struggles of life we deal with daily.  Cool concept.

All Over Again is a dedication to his wife.  He say its been 15 years and he’d do it all again. He has a song on there called Prayers Up.  It’s a prayer for the hood…for my hood, for your hood, for his hood.  It’s a prayer for the lost people in the hood.  Dig these lyrics.

Prayers Up lyrics…

I look around and all I see is the dead walking
No love just cold hearts and flesh coffins
Grown kids with no fathers and lead choppers
No feelings just go hard for the bread constant
Noone smiles anymore everybody muggin
We taught school is wack now everybody hustlin
We taught not to snitch so the only option is
Let em run us over and bang now everybody thuggin
We encourage pimpin and glorify the players
Now aint no fathers in these homes and nobody cares
All these cats with this money and this influence
They rather rap about crack than put an end to it
They rather make it rain and talk about ice
We dying over here homie talk about life
We need God more than ever talk about Christ
Its about that time…

Bizzle’s Surrender is a really nice project.  You could see his growth from The Good Fight.  The scripture references were on point and the album focus was clearly on surrendering to Jesus. The production choices gave it a RnB and soul type feel.  Bizzle got bars, and lyrically, he stayed the course with creative story telling, humorous punch lines and down south lingo.   Personally, I could really appreciate this body of work because, most Christian artist who get more mainstream action, tend to water down the Jesus in they lyrics.  Bizzle kept Jesus as the center of the album.  We all need to surrender to the will of God.  Get you a copy.