First off, this is another release from RMG, that’s Reflection Music Group (Derek Minor’s label).  Derek and RMG signed this artist named Canon, who we reviewing today.

Canon hails from Chi-town and got his biggest break with some features on Lecrae’s Rehab project. He also spent some time on the road with Reach Records touring and afterwards, signed with RMG. Back in 2012 he dropped Loose Canon vol1 as an EP. He followed up with his biggest success, Loose Canon volume 2 in 2014. It reached the Billboard Top 200. Homie had a bad accident and stopped making music for a while. He came back in 2016 with this project, Loose Canon volume 3.

It starts off with, I’m Back. It’s a warning to everyone out here that he back to bring the real. He stepped away for a minute but now he back and he focused on Christ and positivity. Eagles is about flying high over the haters. He say, “see me way up over the hills“. He understands the value in flying away from the drama and keeping it beneath you.  Over Do It is about simply going hard for the Lord and for your family. He say I’m doing so hard, I might over do it.

EZ is a song about how he is maneuvering through life and through the rap game. He say he make it look easy. My Little Baby is a promise to stay committed to family and to ministry. Gotta ride for my little baby until I rest in peace. That little baby is something you hold so precious and will take care of. Wife, kids, ministry is that lil baby.  Renegade is about bucking the system. It’s about going against the grain and doing what is necessary for the movement.

Expect Us is a reminder to not be surprised when boys come through repping Christ and repping the movement. You should expect us.  Hold Up is a brief interlude type message for all the haters…he say “tell them folks to hold up,. they all in my face, don’t come any closer, I don’t trust what you say“.  I Ain’t Got Time is a message and a reminder that, he ain’t got time to waste, no time to be associated with the wrong folks, no time to be wasting on anything not positive and of God. The Family is who he do it for, its who we do it for. All the grinding, praying, hustling, ministering, witnessing…its all for the family. That’s who I grind for.

Dig these lyrics from Expect Us

I’m the same shooter with the same clique
Call of Duty with the same clique
I’m thorough-bred like a full Pit
I stick around like a pool kit
But I ain’t foolish like the fools get
Never heard me hitting higher levels
Like a kettle hissing, I’m a new pitch
We don’t follow what the vain do
They too busy tryin’ to train you
Don’t be deceived like the Angels
Falling off like the lame do – like a lame does
I dun’ changed up; I ain’t loyal to this game, bruh
I dun’ been working so hard just so I could tell ’em not just staying the same, cuz
George and Weezy moving up, though
Bruh man, I’m up on the fifth floor
My mentality was dirt poor
I never thought that I could get more
Going hard like the Iron Man
Let’s get it popping with frying pans
We get it popping in the kitchen separating water boys from the fireman
They don’t know what to call us: I’m the shooter with the long neck
Bang, bang everything up in front of me
I hit it so right, it ain’t nothin’ left
Target is honoring God in this
I don’t say it cuz it’s obvious
Do this in front of an audience
Ripping everyone that come through like colleges

This was a pretty cool album. It’s short with only 10 songs. The tracks was tight though…with a bit of new school and trap beats. Canon got bars. He spitting fast, slow, mellow, crunk…all of that. The features killed it. Now, Christ wasn’t just front and center on this project. You have to give it a couple listens, but you’ll hear the references and the foundation of his beliefs. It was more about him coming back to the game and still repping the King. It’s a good listen, check it out.