cajo-iajFirst off, shout out CaJo for consistently dropping new music.  I hadn’t realized how much work he has out here.  The last project I had was years ago with that…”5 seconds away…”.  So, as I perusing through Google Play Music, Christian rap category, I stumbled across Canton Jones.  I was like, CaJo, let me see what he talking about.  

I Am Justice was released earlier this year and features 18 tracks of praise and worship rap singing.  I starts of Boss Way.  It’s about doing everything to the best you can do it, like a boss. It’s about operating as a boss because of our freedom in Christ. I Can’t help It is a turn up praise song.  He can’t even help why he is praising.  It’s all the things he’s dealt with and overcame which is why he is praising. What You Like is one of my favorites. It’s all about trying to please Jesus. I only want to do what the Lord likes. Higher is about receiving the blessings of God.

Preacher Man is a song dedicated to the preachers who judge people who come into the church a certain kind of way.  He saying, we don’t want no problems. We just came to praise and worship.  We worship the same God.  I Love This is an ode to the work we all do in the Kingdom. He say he love it and wouldn’t change it for nothing.

Temptations is encouragement to fight against sin nature. Pour It Out is asking God for his blessings. Pour em on me. Chillax is a reminder that God is in control and always has been.  When things appear to go wrong, just Chillax. Selfies is about celebrating the fact that we’ve been blessed.  He say he taking selfies in the service. Take a selfie and share your blessings.

Love Makes Me A Man is about the power of love, God’s love. His love makes me who I am today. I Can’t Do This is about needing Jesus to make it for everything. He has several other songs like Put Em Up, Another Level, Not Tired and No Limits

Dig these bars from Boss Way

Blessing others saving souls
you know the Lord done made me whole
worshipping him till I’m old
when it come to worshipping him I am a pro
change the world like a boss
I remember I was lost
now I’m found cause Jesus Christ paid everything on the cross
now I walk like a boss
now I pray like a boss
now I live like a boss pay for everything and give like a boss
I ain’t telling you to do it
just respect what it is
when the holy ghost hit ya a room full of goons all in they feelings

At the end of the day, I like the album.  The core message was all about Christ and wasn’t overshadowed by commercialism.  While he was spitting on here, he did just as much singing. It actually has more of an RnB feel to it.  The production was on point. It has a good mix of turn up, high energy, mellow and relaxing songs all focused on the Christ. Did I mention it was 18 tracks?  You can put it in and let it play.  Get your worship on and get a copy of Canton Jones, I Am Justice.