corey-paul-today-tomorrow-foreverI had been hearing the name Corey Paul around and over the years, I’d heard several songs that had him featured. He crashed them all. I knew then that I needed to get a hold of something. I found this Today, Tomorrow, Forever that came out in 2015. You know the rest, sow a seed, download it and see what it do.

It starts off with 100 in the Summer. It’s the intro to the project and is just talking about the struggle we face in the city of Houston. How we have to stay focused on Christ in the midst of everything going around us. Momma We Made It is a celebration that God has changed his life. No more strugglin. Top Rope feat. Derek Minor is a song where he coming off the top…just expressing what’s he dealt with during a freestyle

Come Back Home feat J. Paul is a song for the women who out here lost and dealing with difficult situations. He say God waiting on you…you can come back home. Tear It Up is a get crunk song about showing up to the spot with the squad and turning all the way up. He smashed it. Die at the Top is a song about not falling down. It’s about hustlin hard to stay the best at what you do. He say ain’t nothing wrong about dying at the top of the hill, Jesus did it.

Today, Tomorrow, Forever feat Jordan Jones and Swoope is simply stressing the fact that the time to change is right now. Stop putting it off for later. Real Live Forever is a song reminding us not to forget where we came from, and keep it 100. He has other songs on here like My Line feat Bruce Takara and Live To See Forever, both jammers.

Dig these bars from Tear it Up

Me and my dawgs out the bottom (Sodom)
A equals pi R squared (Problem)
Made it out the hood without crack or a jump shot
Me and my kings got it poppin
Real life Scarface they ain’t getting Oscars
Chopper out the window neck long as a ostrich
Scrambling in the backfield about to take the sack
Look to the right you’d see you got a option
Hold up, hold up, wait
My patna Paul did hard time behind the gate
Hold up, hold up wait
They caught my homie John and put his head on a plate
That’s First 48, off to the race
Gotta follow leads quick or you on a cold case
Gotta patna attend mass every Sunday that say
They even tried to put his poppy Jesus in a grave
That’s crazy, everybody riding round stressing
Receiver for the Texans boys trying to catch a blessing
Got the lesson mapped out like a high school teacher
Bunsen burner and a beaker, chemistry up out the speaker
Bill Nye without the bow tie, Black hoodie down
Fingers like its UT but it’s H-town
Got a patna move weight like a digital scale
So we send him to church before they send em to hell

Real talk, its a very intriguing album. You gotta young dude from the streets of Houston who was surrounded by poverty, drugs, gangs and more but decided to spit lyrics for Christ. As you listen to the album, he paints vivid pictures of the environment while also sharing his testimony on how God can change your environment or allow you to thrive in that environment. The beats was hard with a mix of trap, rnb and new age type tracks that he laced with fiery bold lyrics and animated punch lines. The message is there. The music jamming. The album jamming. Support the home team and get you a copy.