dee-1-3s-upNow, I had heard of Dee 1 before. I hadn’t purchased any of his music until I bought this 3’s Up EP. I downloaded it, added to my phone, and began listening. It’s a quick listen, 6 tracks. It is jamming though.

It starts off with Against Us which is about standing strong and perservering even when it seem like everyone is against you. We ordered to forgive those who trespass against us. Show On The Road feat. Jones is a song about moving forward in his ministry. It’s an amazing feeling when you traveling and doing shows and ministering to people. He talking about his growth and conquering his fears while moving forward in Christ.

My Student Got Murdered was a sad memorial type song dedicated to some students he used to teach. This song captures both sides of the incident…the shooter and the one who got shot. Very interesting. 3’s Up is his motto. They represent Be real, be righteous and be relevant. It’s one of my favorites. He crashed it. I’m Not Perfect is a song about just trying to be better. It’s about remaining centered on Christ, regardless of what others think. It’s really about proudly representing for Christ, even though we not perfect.

The Sway Interview feat. Caren Green is a song talking about how his life began changing after the interview he had on Sway. He talked about how he was depressed and going through some things and let it all out on Sway. He began testifying on Sway and those testimonies began to help other people. He began to get recognition in the game because of it.

Dig these bars from 3’s Up

I live it more than I talk it
walk it more than I bark it
standing for something real so I made myself a target
yelling I hope they hear me
but I think they heard us
from those that flop burgers
to the white collar rich burglars
I gotta purpose
it got the enemy nervous
but God gave me the stage its a must that I flourish
given them courage
even when they discouraged
me don’t feed em lies feed em brain food get em nourished
it taste so good
this go from my hood to your hood
I’m up to greatness I’m up to no good
I could’ve been rich but thats another story
I’m tryna do it in a way that bring my mother glory
and bring my father honor
they call me jeffery dalmer
eating wack rappers alive I’m the hip hop pirajana
and when I say wack I don’t mean your rhymes wack
I mean your content sucks and I can’t cosign that
look at these mean mugs
everytime I come around everybody got these mean mugs
I be like whats up with these mean mugs
they be like Dee why smile you know how long since I’ve seen love
10% of people live the life they dreamed of
the other 90 make the best with what they got
I’m not focused on the not, the negative or the no
I just focus on the top I gotta get it lets go

Overall, the EP is nice. Dee 1 got bars and powerful testimony. You mix in his gumbo accent with some jamming production and you get this 3’s Up EP. ¬†Go get that.