Dillon Chase Volume 3You know me, always looking for new music. Lately, I been trying to find artist who aren’t from Houston. I came across the homie Dillon Chase. He currently resides in OKC with wifey as his booking manager and his son as his DJ. That’s whats up. I totally support that.

I downloaded Speak Up volume 2 for free from RapZilla. Then, as I was doing research, I learned that volume 3 came out last year. I went to Google Play, made the purchase, jammed it for a few days, and here we are.

Speak Up Volume 3 charted number 14 on the iTunes Christian Music Charts. It’s a really nice project. It has 11 tracks all mixed with trap, worship and even some acoustic soul. It’s a little bit for everybody on here.

It starts off with Campus Canvas. It’s a cool concept song. It’s about how vulnerable you can be on these school campuses. It’s a battle everyday from women, drugs, bad information and more. Distractions make it hard to follow God. Drunk is a song about how back in the day, boys used to get wasted, now they’re drunk on the spirit. He say the Lord sobered me up by filling my cup.

Fall is a lyrical portrait of the struggle of dealing with substance abuse and addiction. It’s about getting up when you fall and getting back in the race. Grow Up is about making better decisions. It’s about not making the same mistakes we’ve already made. Heart feat. Drew Weeks is a song that is actually on the project twice. I actually prefer the acoustic version. It a really soulful song about opening your heart to Christ and truly accepting him in your life.

I Hate You is really saying, I hate me. He went in lyrically on this one, really talking about that feeling we have when we feel convicted because of our wrong doings. Sometimes, I just hate myself for the things I seem to do. Not Home Yet is a song about being on the road and being away from the family. Its about being out to give people hope, even though you wanna be home and see your family.

Not Impressed is just making a statement to those who bragging and boasting about all the material things they’ve acquired. He say, I’m not impressed by any of that. He impressed by those who can worship Christ regardless of what they have or where they at.

Speak Up feat, Micah Smith is the title cut. It’s some hard bars about really just, having purpose and operating in that purpose and not being ashamed to share it. Dig these bars from Speak Up

I’m doing it for God alone
Until my pride take over like a pilot drone
Styrofoam cup full of lust down inside it low
But God hung up on the cross hear the dial tone
Now let me walk with the rock that’s a mile stone
What if God took us all on a ride along
We would see the anger and the hurt
All the babies getting murked
Gets worse that’s a hard pill to swallow so
I’m a go
Talk about it till they can’t take it Lord
But what I want a vacation for
If I’m torn apart limb by limb
I hope the Church says more than “defund them”
But I know they got a politic prose
That will probably get chose
By the lobbyist vote
But I want to see us all in the Masters house
Bill of sin reads death it already pass the house
(It passed the house
The tragic route
Take a one way train coming outta snow)

Dillon Chase got bars. He dropping scriptures, testimony, all with a crazy delivery and word play. The message of Christ is front and center on this project. It wasn’t hidden and you don’t need to decode the message of Christ. I suggest we all learn to Speak Up about how good God is, and the things the Lord has done for us. Check it for yourself.