Dre OG - The TakeovaDre OG released this album, The Takeova in late 2015. It is a holy ghost filled album that tells the story of a man from the streets of Htown who made some bad choices and paid the cost for those choices. In doing so, God changed his life and gave him a testimony that he has set out share with the world…hence the name, the Takeova.

It starts with Jehovah Gang. This is the first track and is an introduction to his click, Jehovah Gang. He discussed his bouts in prison and gang banging but now he is on God’s side. I Made It is about just coming through it all when you wasn’t supposed to it. Its a testimony about the hard times and coming through all of it. Redeemed is about being set free in the Lord. If you ask the Lord to guide you he will redeem you. God Said It is a song with some great features about the fact the God said it. I’m the head not the tail because God said it. Kingdom Bizness is a song recognizing that doing God business s a full time job. You can’t half step with it. He said the harvest is great but the laborers are few. Living Proof was a song about the fact that God is real…cause I’m living proof. Him and 2 crunk discussed that they had been through so much and God has sustained them through it all. Christ Crazy is a song with a west coast vibe…including some wise words from the late great 2pac. It’s about going crazy about Christ, even though they gonna hate you for it.

Master of Impossible is a song featuring the New Cool that is basically proving that nothing is impossible when you have the master. Testimony is an autotuned message from Dre OG giving his personal testimony. Rejoice and Believe is a worship song about just giving God praise and worshiping his name. It’s about believing in his power and accepting he is in control. My City is a dedication to the city of Houston featuring Htown Christian rap veterans Educator and Rev Rob. They really just paid homage to the city and swag of Htown and how they live it but remain focused on living a Godly lifestyle. Root of All Evil is a song about staying focused on God and not on money. He say money ain’t everything when you connected to the Savior. Money can’t get you eternal life. Turn Ya Praise up is a dance song making it a point to do ya dance for Jesus. Victory is a feel good song about getting the victory through Christ. It another party type song that has potential to be an anthem. Unashamed is probably my favorite. It is about reppin Christ unashamed. It’s about understanding that we are nothing but with God we are everything. Dig these lyrics from Unashamed…

Young old, no matter what color
the Bible say we should love our brother
not in flesh though, but the spirit
so Imma show you some point blank period, check it
this for them church folk living in sin
and for the non believers never coming in
we taking it outside the four walls
you think Lebron a beast, watch Jesus ball
an all star in a league of his own
winning souls leading people to the throne
I’m on his side so that makes me victorious
teamwork makes the dream more glorious
and just because the savior call me by choice
like David Imma dance and rejoice
since you were called to, come on step with me
and if ya swag is Christ like then rep with me

At the end of the day, The Takeova is a great project. It has plenty of tracks that discuss all types of issues. Dre OG has an old school flow that he tends to change up on each track. The beats were tight and the features killed it. The focus of the album was clearly on Jesus. If you need something to ride to…go grab Dre OG’s, The Takeova….real talk