Ok…so yall saw the Educator interview.  You know what came next.  Rip the cd open, put in the deck and get my jam on.  Similar to Imprint 2, the album kicks off with a song about the blood of Jesus.  It’s apparent what he believes in.


The album starts of with alot of energy. The first 4 tracks including “Walk The Walk” featuring yours truly and “Wrestle” featuring my boy RIFICA really get things crunk.  He shifts gears and begins talking about leaving a Legacy as your imprint on the world and those around you.  The title track Legacy comes on and its pretty deep.


I’m the head not the tail
above not beneath
Trust in G-O-D won’t let me fall off feet
my life complete since I gave it all to him
L-I-G-H-T in a path that was dim
full to brim like a C-U-P
flowing with the waters of the almighty
since 1990 I been making an imprint
speaking paragraphs of life till the next indent
time well spent in this 22nd season
use only the word of God as my true voice of reason
forsaken mistreason for speaking on whatever
be ashamed of him down here he do the same to you in heaven
sealed with sevens is the final declaration
want you to hear well done is what going to tell the nation


He has a track on there called Feeling Good.  This by far is my favorite track on the whole project.  The production was on point, Cator killed it and it had great features. It’s the features that make me love the song.   Feeling Good features his wife and daughter…and they smashed it….”Oh yeah I’m Feeling Good”


If you know Educator…he loves his church…The Word Church.  He has a track called “Walk It Out” featuring Pastor J.  It’s a jammer too.  Cator said…”We want to see the top, that’s why we beat the block, we’re like the Dallas Mavs, we want the heat to stop”.


The album also features Immortal and CJ from G-Code and they went on a track called “I’m ready”.  I really appreciated how he opened up with his personal testimony on “If I Die tomorrow”.


Overall, this a phenomenal album. The production was great.  It has songs for every situation.  The quality was fantastic.   I enjoyed and was blessed by the entire Imprint series but this last one, Imprint 3 Legacy is my favorite.  Go and get you a copy. Certified Classic!