You know me, always on this quest to find some new CHH artist (that’s Christian Hip Hop for those that don’t know) and I found one. Erica Mason. Hailing from Florida, Gainsville to be exact, this woman of God has a powerful testimony at such a young age. She working on an album but right now, this EP, Pretty and Radical is available. It’s a good listen.

It starts off with, Ain’t Worried. It’s message to all who willing listen, simply saying that I ain’t worried about nothing. God got us and we have faith in him, and because of that, there is nothing to worry about. Like It Love It just might be my favorite on the project. Even though…it’s a straight call to action to the ladies. She killed it though. She trying to encourage all ladies to lean on Jesus and believe in themselves.

She has another called Moving On. It is her testimony. She got out of tough situation and built the strength, through the Lord, to move on. It’s encouragement that we can all move on if we need to. No Joke is about mainly…just…going hard for Christ. It’s about going all in wherever you at…on the stage, on the road, in the streets…wherever. She say the message is about Christ and we trying to impact everyone. It’s not a joke.

Silly Boi is a message to the guys out here with the wrong focus. She say, if you not focused on Christ, then please leave her alone. She say she ain’t making them mistakes no more and the almighty has already forgiven her for what she has done in the past. She moving forward and has no time…for silly boys. Straight up, grown woman right here.

Dig these lyrics from Moving On

Never fall for somebody that you can never keep
Never let someone in your heart who ain’t meant to be
I thought you were a keeper, thought you would never leave
But when you walked away, you walked all over me
But now I thinking, I’m thinking about the memories
Laying in your car, oh the things you used to do to me
You told me that you love me when you looked me in my eyes
And I wanted to believe you cuz its truth in every lie right?
But I knew it, man I knew this stuff was wrong
You got me running out of ink cuz I’m writing the same songs
She loves me she loves me not, he wants me I want to stop
He’s on top, now I’m stuck between this hard place, no rock
Let it marinate, eventually you’ll get it
I’m searching for forgiveness so eventually I’ll give it
Cuz I can’t make a living if I ain’t giving off life
Dead wrong in my heart but you letting me get it right lord
So if I stand before the masses let this passion
Be the fuel that burns up that burns up my past actions
My ashes, that’s what you gave me beauty for
So many wounds but you took lashes for every sore

Pretty & Radical is a awesome little project. She got crazy bars all mixed with this serious and yet playful delivery. She has all kind of punchlines and metaphors but made it clear that the focus was on the Lord and Savior, in her. The tracks was tight and the project is a fun listen. It’s short…only a 5 song EP, but she definitely got my attention. I’m eager to here more.  Check it out.