Eshon Burgundy is another cat who was raised in Philly. He currently resides right outside Atlanta. This project, The Passover is his 3rd album. His second album, The Fear of God, did pretty good. It was number 15 on the Christian Album charts, 20 on Rap albums and 25 on Independent albums. He let a year and some change go by and then followed up with this release, The Passover.

It starts off with the Intro. It’s a bunch of hard bars about being passed over in different situations, and how its okay to be passed over. It’s not about our glory, but his glory. Bless Ya Name is a hip hop worship song. It’s about acknowledging how good God has been to us. It’s all about giving the Lord all the honor and praise. “Bless ya name, Lord”. What I Prayed For is actually about praying for your people and your situation. It’s about really praying for his Kingdom and that God’s will be done.

Dead Letter is a nice concept song about being dead to this world and being alive in Christ. Basically, if we not living to glorify Christ and lead the lost to him, we just dead letters. The Great Exchange, one of my faves, is a song about money, and the pursuit of it. Its about how we get confused and start focusing on getting paid instead of highlighting Christ. He say, “The bigger the bag the bigger my respect, these blue faces hunnids look like they holding they breath“.

He has another song called Gunz X Roses that highlights the good and bad, of operating in ministry. Everybody you deal with and the situations you’re in, may not always be pleasant, but you gotta deal with it anyway. Before I Chose You is a track about choosing to be with God and God already having been chose you, and just waiting on you to accept. He even talked about getting shot and how he was chosen because it wasn’t his time to die. Its about truly being free in Christ, because we are chosen.

Pray is a reminder that this is what we should be doing all the time…even when we don’t feel worthy. He talking about that feeling when you finished praying for yourself and other people. He has a couple other hot ones like Can’t Tell Time and Smoke and Fire. Both jammers.

Dig this verse from The Great Exchange

I’m out here yelling what I need faith for
I need to get paid more
You gotta bleed if I come to take yours
Got the money and the power
Dirty money with a shower
I’m doing laundry cool as Fonzie
What is yours is really ours
This is manipulation, humiliation and degradation
Playing God and saying to y’all there ain’t no Heaven waiting
My own emptiness transforms into wickedness
Press against you like a pistol with a clip stuck in your hip
This is all vanity Ecclesiastics 5:10
In light of all humanity’s failure to camouflage sin
Love is love to that love come with a slug
I gave that trigger a hug cause you wouldn’t give up the plug yo
Most people murdered by people they know
For currency and jealously man that’s just how it go
And yes even in this state my life He still wanna save it
I don’t know if these are my chains or the ones I got from the slave ships

Eshon be going in. The flow seems very deliberate and focused. He know exactly what he trying to say and how he wants to say it. It was easy to understand and wholly focused on Christ, with a good blend of slick metaphors and punchlines. The tracks were very mellow and laid back…easy listening. The message of Christ was front and center. It’s a nice album. Check it.