I had heard of Fedel before. I just had never had any of his music, until recently. He dropped this, The Brave as an EP in 2016.

It starts off with On The Wave. It is about riding high in the spirit. It’s when you realize the things you thought were important, really aren’t. You begin to go up, like riding a wave. Always Reppin is about representing what you believe and where you from all the time. Its about representing and standing for something good.

The Brave is about doing what’s necessary to glorify Christ, even if you scared. He say, only the brave gonna do what they say, regardless. Relate is simply highlighting the fact that if you haven’t been through tough times or took any losses, then I can’t relate to you. We know all about taking losses.

Hangtime was more of a concept song. It compared hanging in the spirit and spending time with God to Russell Westbrook hanging in the air. Cool song. Lit is about always letting your shine. He say we on fire for Christ. ┬áis kinda like a turn up song. He didn’t show much turn up energy though. He say “my jab look like Mayweather and my dab look like Cam Newton”. Trash Talk is a collection of bars of Fedel just getting some stuff of his chest. It jam.

Dig these bars from Hangtime

God hit me on a hotline
Told me don’t get weary while I’m on the grind
Stay faithful, stay faithful (ooh)
Stay prayful, stay prayful (ooh)
I got juice in the drop (aye)
I Will Be, we run the crowd (ooh)
I’m just doing what he told me (yeah)
Cause of who he is, he don’t owe me (yeah)
When I hit the stage, we going up
I just left Maryland, they just booked me on the coast
God hung with me even when I lost hope
I got me feeling like Pac
The realest thing I ever wrote

Overall,its a pretty cool album. It has several subtle scriptural references. It’s loaded with trap beats and cool delivery. Fedel was never too high or too low. He kinda kept the same tone throughout the project. Check it out for yourself.