so-future-full-circleI’ve been knowing the homie Thomas Scott, aka, So Future for a while now. I met him some years ago with my brother jDab. We would see each other at random events around the city. I knew he had bars. I even had his mixtape. The gray tape. It was hard. When I heard this album, Full Circle was out, I made it my business to get it.

It starts off with the Full Circle Intro feat Marquise Nelson. It is about recognizing that there will be good times and bad times. How you handle them is key, because everything comes full circle. Follow Your Heart feat Baroe is about doing what is right in your heart and not listening to the critics and naysayers. Structure of a Man was simply making it known that, as a man, you must have structure. You must have a plan on how to excel in your life. You gotta stand on your own two feet, even if you in a corner.

The Against The Wall interlude feat Tamesha Pruett is a reminder to stand strong, even when your back is against the wall. The Great Injustice is a song encouraging brothers to stand strong in the country. We already know about the injustice, we just have to stay focused and it is ours for the taking. Who Would Have Ever Thought is a dedication to his lady and thanking her for committing to him and how they made it. See what that love will do.

Wheels In Motion feat. Kels Johnson is a reminder to those who may be going through the struggle. The message was simple, keep the wheels in motion. Don’t stop, keep it moving. Go Hard or Go Home is a message for us out here trying to get that work in. He saying go hard or don’t go at all. Real talk. So Surreal is song about preparation. It’s about knowing that the time is coming. Are you prepared for it?

Open Book is about being transparent. As Christians, if we are to truly let out light shine, we have to be an open book. People must be able to trust us if they will even listen to our message about Christ. Trials & Tribulations is about staying focused when times get tough. He said use the trials as motivation. We have to count it all joy and trust God, because as a believer, you know he got you.

Blinders of Vanity is a special song. It’s amazing how when we are going after the things we want, we can be blinded to only focus on that, even if it could compromise us. Explanation interlude is kind of a wrap of the entire project. It was a poetic piece by So Future explaining the concept of the album. Full Circle Outro is some words of encouragement from So Future to keep pressing towards your calling. He said Full Circle started off as an idea and then it came to fruition.

Dig these bars from Go hard or go home

shift now, whole new dimension
critical with whole new vision
broaden my perspective
chasing the present
looking at my life in a whole new prism
and its hard in the trenches
it has to be more to it Lord
just another pawn on the board
lines been drawn
now I sit back and relax cause we’ve come so far
nall, could it be when I reach for the stars we know your thoughts
put it all on the line for the sake of the grind one time thats why I go so hard
may of had doubts but it still worked out
may of been guilty but I still took charge
stay in my place and I play my part
fire to the flame and they not disbarred
won’t be denied
look in my eyes
know that I’m wise
everything starts in the mind
feeling me see it so vividly sketching a memory just choose and decide
so why am I living a lie
but choosing not to speak or obliged
times been terrified nothing to edify
except the Christ, no I was petrified
out of the box
straight to the top
the revolution begins in the heart
just know that I said it you know that I meant it
go hard for Christ, on to the finish

At the end of the day, its a hard album. Like for real. He got hard bars. You combine that with his raspy delivery over a variety of tracks. It starts off with some light worship tracks and then goes trap, praise and back to worship. It’s a rollercoaster of an album with a strong message. Jesus Christ is the only way to become Full Circle.