outofthebox-godsonI been rocking with the homie God Son for a while now. I met him years ago at Friday Night RAW over at RAW Ministries. We kicked it again with my bro jDab at one of his events. Long story short, I was a fan and I knew he could spit.

Earlier this year God Son dropped a mixtape called, Out the Boxx. I found it on Google Play, invested $10 and been listening to it all week. It starts off with Jeremiah Fire. It’s about being sold out for the Lord. They can keep you down when you got that Jeremiah fire…shut up in my bones. Stand In The Gap is acknowledging that it’s all about Jesus. Christ is everything. He say his anointing breaks yokes, but his blood saves. We are willing to stand in the gap for you and introduce you to Jesus. Come Out The Box is requesting change. He saying, we can’t make change if we remain comfortable. We have to change and as Christians, bring Jesus to the masses in new and different ways.

PSA is a 30+ bar reminder that we need to stay focused on Christ and not get caught up in ourselves. Django was about being free in Christ, about doing Kingdom Business. He Deserves Your Praise is a song that really just list reasons why, you should be praising God. It’s one of my faves. It’s like 5 verses, some short some long. Deeper Deeps is another banger. It’s about wanting to learn more about God. It’s about moving further in the Spirit and truly fulfilling God’s purpose. It’s about being redeemed and being on another level.

No Greater Love is about understanding, its because he died for us that we are free, and that, was the greatest display of love ever. He has some others on here like Let Us Worship, I Try, Prayers Of The Righteous and I Could Never Forget. All very powerful songs with deep messages about communicating with God and the mistakes a man can make trying to do right by his family.

Dig this verse from, He deserves your praise…

Fresh out the grave,
you can call me Lazarus
Changed my old ways
my lifestyle was hazardous
twisting backwoods and blowing on that cannabis
some untamed Gorillas and a bunch of other animals
I’m a cannibal I eat of his body
drink of his blood his love is agape
his love is what got me
it reaches to the mountains
down to the valley
I’m redeemed and got the voucher
and I don’t even mind
He did life, I’m just tryna do my time
I’m out the box, he renewed my mind
built my house on the Roc and renewed my grind
sipping new wine got my mind on destiny
I prophesied I’d be wild to the death of me
he honored that, told me fast and kill the flesh n me
so now whats left in me, is nothing but the best epiphany

I’m tellin yall, God Son got bars. He killing them verses. His delivery has clarity and is easy to understand.  The hooks could’ve used a lil something something.  The tracks was tight though. Most of them were upbeat with a mix of some trap in there. The lyrics was on point with a blend of scriptural references and humorous punch lines. Throughout all of that, the message was clear. In order to touch the people and bring the message of Jesus Christ, in this day and age, you gotta step out the boxx of traditional worship. You have to step out of the box of being comfortable. Be free in Christ to represent how you want to. I totally cosign that message. You should too. Check it out and get you a copy.