This is the 3rd installment of the G.O.O.N.S 4 God (God’s Glory Observed & Obeyed By New Souled Out Saints) compilation series presented by Trinity’s Destine II Shine goons4godRecords.  Each volume has been a testament to the growth and focus of the artist in these streets representing for Jesus Christ.  I applaud Trinity for featuring artists who are really in the streets witnessing and making disciples for the Kingdom.



The G4G project is perfect for that person who wants some variety in what they are listening to.  It features artist from all over Texas and Louisiana so you can imagine the LA bounce beats and them TX tracks banging when you ride to it.  More importantly, I love the messages each song gave.  You may have heard of LA Wil.  You got to love that Louisiana sound that LA Will be coming with.  The song is really about finding your purpose and operating in the anointing.  It has another song called, Luv it Mayne.  This one hit home…literally.  They sampled the late great Fat Pat…”When you walking with Jesus, you gotta Luv It Mayne”…enough said.  DJ DMD remixed his 90’s classic 25 Lighters and changed to 25 Bibles. I got 25 Bibles on my dresser, yessir…I gosta get saved….knowamsayin.  One of my favorites is a song called, I’m Tired by my brother O’Quinn.  He is one those souled out saints with a powerful testimony.  This song is an example of that.  He really addressed the streets and how people believing in the wrong things and not operating in the will of God.


when you tired God got rest for you

He’ll take the pain and the stress from you

stop fighting people, start fighting demons

start looking at whats best for you

whats best for you is the king of kings, Lord of host, Jehova Jireh

shooting shots at your own potnas

sellin crack to your own momma

we livin like that right there is cool

we eager to hurt our own people

we name it and claim it that boy a fool

he don’t know thats Satan teaching

I was sick and fed up with life

so October the 5th 2009 I surrendered my life to Christ

I was tired



You know Trinity had to feature the hit single, “Go Get It.  I love this track because he pretty much summed it all up.  God gave you what you need to get what you need…if you don’t have it, its because you ain’t get up and go get it.  The basic message is that we gotta stop being lazy and go after what God has for us.  I remember the late great DJ Screw saying, “It ain’t gone fall in your lap”.  Trinity blessed me to feature a song from one of my own artist, JT called By My Side, featuring the whole click.  We all went in talking about the benefits of having Jesus by my side.  Then of course, there the title track…GOONS 4 God feat Trinity, OQuinn, Poetic Prophet and JT.  It’s a banger….nuff said.

Support my brother Trinity and get you a copy today.