Heesun Lee. This is an awesome Woman of God from Staten Island New York. From what I can see, this Beauty for Ashes is her 3rd project. It came out last year. She dropped one called Stereotypes in 2014 that peaked at #25 on the Billboard charts for Top Gospel Albums. I’m a bit giddy for this one. You know I like bars, and lyricism and word play and punch lines and everything that comes with real hip hop. Heesun Lee…she brought all that and some.

Intro is the first track. It’s really about how she is growing in Christ and how being a newer mother is helping remain focused and really see the faithfulness of God. All Out is about literally going all out for the Lord. Don’t hold nothing back. As we living for Christ, we need to be all in and go all out. Beauty For Ashes, the title cut, is about recognizing whats important and what isn’t. It’s about not wasting opportunities to see better days. She said something like, “The world will make you feel worthless, but God will give you purpose, listen close cause all I have is testimony in these verses“….something like that.

Underdog, featuring the homie Sicily and Butta P is a song about succeeding when everyone counts you out, like the underdog. It’s about how people will always underestimate you, but they forget about the power of God in you. It’s a girl power song, and I like it. In My Veins is a song that I can truly identify with. Its about loving hip hop…like it flows through my veins. Let Me Talk is her just venting about how corrupt the music industry is and how many CHH artist are losing focus and worried about dollars instead of souls.

Losing Faith is a song directed to those who seem to be losing faith in God and not believing. She saying stop running from it and look at the evidence. His sacrifice is what saved us and for that reason, we must remain faithful. Bloodlines is a poetic piece that really shines light on the thoughts of not knowing your parents and being in foster care. It’s about that longing to want to know where you came from. It’s about recognizing the great work you have to do when you have children. It really highlights the importance and value of family bonds. I Love You Daddy seems like a continuation of Bloodlines. It’s a perspective from her daughters eyes, about her babies father. Then it tells this story of how a child loses her father in the act of duty as a police officer. It’s a great story and a great song. I’m With You is a dedication to Christ…just really saying I’m with you. The last track is called Treasure. It’s really just reminding us of how the treasure that Jesus gave us by dying for us is priceless.

Dig these bars from Let Me Talk

Let me talk for a, minute or two,
I gotta mission to do
and this rap music yeah I’m sick of it too
I throw this purple out yeah, I’m pitching to you
and stir some controversy up, I’ll consider that too
I’m sitting back and just listening to all the garbage out
I slaughter people lyrically and nobody will acknowledge that
Christian or secular
I hear it on the regular
you wanna challenge me go ahead I’m betting ya
these rappers talk about it and acting like they change the game
they even shout out Jesus name and acting like they praise his name
we need to go deeper
go and raise your speakers
I’m about to go all in this ya girl don’t try to bleep her

I know I screwed that all up. She killing it though. You can hear the passion and attention to detail as she spit. The tracks ranged from trap, to worship and pop. She had some new school on here too. Our Lord and Savior was front and center…straight up, Gospel rapper. I can truly dig that. She going hard. It’s a real personal album. She opens up about her family and struggles she’s dealt with. It’s only 11 songs and totally worth your undivided attention. Check it.