I’ve been rocking with I Am Justified for some years now.  He was doing features for a while, then finally dropped his first album called Revolution. After Revolution, the movement began to grow, and he eventually dropped his sophomore album called Power.  

As much I know lil bro, and what he shared with me and was going through, after the Power album, the devil got busy.  The rap game was growing, ministry was growing, he was acting thirsty, and lil bro got caught up a lil bit. He got distracted…Going through all of that, dealing with haters, leaving the education system and really just going through it…he had to get back in touch with his spirituality.  That led to the making of, The Prodigal Son.

You would think, that through all that, the Prodigal Son EP would be a project full of pain…but its not.  It’s actually a project loaded with praise and scripture. It’s upbeat, with some island, trap and pop vibes.

It starts off with Prodigal Son, the title cut is a song just setting the vibe for the whole EP.  It’s really a song of apology and thanks. He apologizing for making mistakes, and thankful for the chance to come back, like the prodigal son did.

The Truth is one of those songs that force you to look in the mirror, and be honest with yourself.  We have to admit the truth, and that is the fact we can’t do nothing without God….cause I can see you really have me making change… yeah yeah

Hair Down, is the move for the summer for all the ladies.  This song is meant to encourage, uplift and remind the ladies, God gave you purpose, and he will make all your dreams come true, if you believe.  All ladies need to get with the #HairDownChallenge.

Do You Love Me is a song, like Jesus Christ is asking us a question.  He say, I been waiting on you, I’m trying to bless you, but do you love me?

I Love You Like Jesus, has a little Reggaeton flare to it, featuring the homie Castillo.  Its basically Justified saying, he want the best for you, for everybody…he showing love like Jesus

Not Always Easy is a soulful, rededication to Christ.  He saying its hard following Christ, its not always easy, but he’ll continue to make music and living his life to glorify Christ.

It closes with, The Prodigal Story.  It Justified reading from Luke, the story of the Prodigal Son, and giving his testimony on how he got to this point.

Dig this verse from, Do you Love me?

Daddy told me when you call you always seem so busy
and when he grace you with his presence he say your not present
he left us with the Holy Spirit but how often we reverence
he said distractions of this world make us lose our connections
I said the problem is the sin because it makes it attractive
How can I call myself your brother without speaking facts then
I know you seem happy but its something behind the masks
I talked to Daddy he say keep praying, but I gotta ask you
Do you realize who you give your time, is who you choosing or the things you talk about most got your influence
he say he know your inner thoughts you keep fighting the feeling
he say he want you to be happy not just numb and living
he supposed to be first place and you just put him second
he wanna be your number 1, give him all the reverence

It’s a great listen.  It’s quick…bout 7 songs.  It’s jamming though… The tracks tight, the melodies is groovy, and the whole project is a vibe.

Check it out.