Tattooed TestimoniesIn 2015, II Crunk 4 Jesus dropped the highly anticipated Tattooed Testimonies. For all of us Rickie Bradford fans, the anticipation was built due how well he has established himself in the mixtape market.  Would this original work of art live up the classic Struggle Muzik mixtape?

Well, not only did it exceed the hype, but it is a certified classic. It has 10 tracks featuring his DOPE Movement family Deeturnal and Cole Rose, Christian rap veterans FOE and Gifted da Flamethrower and the young trailblazers I Am Justified and Tre Cosmos.

It starts off with “God to ya Hood” featuring FOE and I Am Justified. This one is about not being scared to go to the hood and bring the good news. Since we come from the hood, we already have a pass and since we covered in the blood, we already protected. It don’t matter if they out there hustlin, we have to bring God to you. “Let It Roll” featuring Gifted is all about understanding how blessed you are. There is no need to be stressing about what the world may do or bring. Let it roll off ya back and keep it moving.

Full Armor” features DOPE Movement lablemate Deeturnal. They took a trap beat and killed it talking about having the full armor God on. That means you’re protected by the word of God. If you stay in the word, you’ll be protected by the word. “Heaven is my hideaway” is a song about understanding that God got you and the fact that God has a place for you already. So even if I die today, heaven is where I’m going. “Break Bread” was right to the point. It serves as a reminder that we need to give back to the Lord. He always blesses us and we won’t tithe and give offerings or even help others. We keep it all to ourselves…which is not cool. We have to be a blessing when you’ve been blessed.

Testify” features Lost Zouls and was a hard song about simply telling the truth. Don’t be out here testalying talking about you testifying. “Alot of Talking” features the homie Tre Cosmos and DOPE Movement lablemate Cole Rose. This was for those who always talking about what they done and what they gonna do even though they haven’t done anything. You just running your mouth. “When He Come Through” doesn’t really need an explanation. It is a testimony about how God can and will come through for you…if you wait on him.
Snatch You Off The Fence” just might be favorite from this album. I can appreciate it because it comes from a place of love. If we really love our brothers and sisters like we say we do, then we have to correct them if they are living wrong. The basis of the song is that you can’t claim to be saved and living for God but still doing things contrary to what you speak. My bible calls it straddling the fence…and you can’t do that.  II Crunk is saying, you can’t live like that and he’s going to help you by…snatching you off the fence, snatch you off the fence, snatch you off the fence. Dig the lyrics below. “Nothing But The Blood” is the last song and features DOPE Movement’s own Cole Rose & Deeturnal. It’s the perfect close to the album because, at the end of the day, it’s all about the blood of Jesus…period

Snatch You off the fence

Don’t call it plex but Im a just say that my heart is heavy
Splitting bricks blowing up levees HTown I hope yall ready
2 Crunk to much for the world how you gonna hold him down,
2 Crunk just too much in that word so yall don’t want him now
round for round pound for pound the best but I was never crowned
unsigned hype mics I molest boy I forever clown,
hope that I’m heaven bound
praying to God for strength and patience
know I got heaven close by me man I can taste it
trippin off the time I’ve wasted,
hatin and I embraced it,
fate and rhyming based off my life and Satan chased it,
strong and not scared to face it,
you stone, blood, crip or mason,
part of Gods gansta nation,
steadfast in preparation…Gloryyy

Tattooed Testimonies a phenomenal piece of work packed with raspy word play, crazy features and hard beats. The personal testimonies and scriptural references help to guide those who need to hear the word a bit different and still understand the truth in it. While it has a global message, he definitely put on for the H. Acres Home stand up!

If you are from the streets, you may or may not know that God truly has a plan and purpose for your life. II Crunk is an example of God’s purpose in action. Sow a seed and improve your walk with Christ. Get Tattooed Testimonies today.