I’m writing this post after another listen to my brother Immortal’s latest project “Rules of Engagement”. Have you ever got your hands on an album that really moved you. It caused you to think deeply about how you live your life. This album does that for me. The production is on point. The concepts of the songs fit with what going on in society. Songs like “Paparazzi”, “Major Pain”, “Frenemyz”, “Still Standing” (featuring me) or my favorite “Prayer Warriors”. When I first heard the song, I had to bring it back a few times. The message was clear. Times don’t seem to be getting better. We need to pray.


The crime wave is climbing the murder rate increasing
This generational curse, our kids gonna repeat this
until we find the pieces that are missing to this puzzle
all our live we gonna struggle
and our seeds they gonna suffer
growing up without a father and barely have a mother
another teen gone wild with no direction and discover
that life is like a theme park, you enjoy all the rides
but heartache and pain awaits on the other side


I’ve always made it my business to make sure that each gospel song I release has a message that is supported by the word of God. As an artist, I try my best and pray that the songs I release help someone whether that someone is another artist, someone lost or a backslider. I really appreciate and thank God for other artist who are focused on the ultimate goal (leading others to Christ). This album is definitely one you should add to your collection. We are on the battlefield fighting for Christ and like any war, there are Rules of Engagement