jcino-hoodvsevilThe album kicks off with Who I’m Is which was a proper introduction to both who JCINO actually is and what the album would be about. He talked about taking Jesus to the hood. You can hear the West coast in his delivery with some H-town vocabulary sprinkled in.

Track number 2 was a song about reflection. Make Sense explained how at the end of the day, some people gonna hate and some gonna support. He reminded us that they also did that to Jesus.

Christian’s Can’t was explanation of why Christians actually can and do have fun, party, be fashionable, have lots of money and more. He took a new school synthesized beat and basically said that, when you have Jesus, you should be excited and go for the things you want. If you operate in his will, you can have material things. You got it twisted if you think Christians are supposed to broke and boring.

Like That was a track where he went in about being a Christian and what that really means. Stairway To Heaven was a song about the journey, about the obstacles and people who attempt to deter you from God’s Will. Underdog Is Here is a turn up, get crunk and lose it song about making it through when you weren’t supposed to…when everyone counted you out…thought you were the underdog. They forgot believers have super powers. Feet Still encouraged us to stay the course and don’t give up. Breath was about letting some things go and realizing God is in control. Glory To God was an autotuned melody about really stepping out, looking good and representing Christ. I love concept songs, and J didn’t let me down with Mr. Fisherman. He talked about mission as Christians to be fishers of men. Dig the lyrics…

I ain’t just fishing for trouts and basses
got my lure on my line trying to hook the masses
I’m teaching for the Kingdom, they calling it classes
I’m trying to help you see him, they calling me glasses
back pedal when they hit me so they calling me Cashius
but its all cause Jesus flipped me boy don’t call it gymnastics
so I travel worldwide and I’m aiming for my father
I know I gotta bite cause they tugging on my bobber
yelling fish on, its a big monster
every lake I fish on, I’m trying to catch a dolphin
I got my swivels, got my sinkers and my hooks
deep in my tackle box you’ll find the good book
the mic is my boat and the beat is my ocean
the rod is my voice that I cast in one motion
I gets it in I swear I gets it in
watch me cast to the beat while my reel just spin

Grinding For God was a song about why we do this. Why do we make beats, compose songs, read the Bible, witness to people, release music, pray and other things? What is the purpose? What drives us? I’m just grinding for God, grinding for God, grinding for God.

Hood Vs Evil is a dope project. It has a smooth combination of new school, west coast and trap beats. I could tell the song concepts were well thought out and executed. Lyrically, he killed it with subtle Scripture references, personal testimony, humorous punch lines and risky word play. This is a good project to grab and just ride to. Sow and seed and get yours today.