I met Joshua from G-Code Ministries when I went to his house to drop my verse for Walk The Walk on Educator’s Imprint 3 album. I found out then that he Joshua - 10 Toes Downwas great at engineering, mixing and mastering. I had never heard his music though. Sometime in November, I came across a YouTube video called “Hands Up”. It was Joshua featuring his camp, G-Code Ministries. I immediately took a listen. The song is a jammer…check it out below.


I was impressed with the flow and how he gave the message so when he decided to drop the 10 Toes Down mixtape, it was a must that I get it. I immediately downloaded it, and like usual, synced it to my iPod and began listening. The first track is the title cut called 10 Toes Down, and like I anticipated, he went in on it.


10 toes down, boy I stand for this
inside filled with fire, canibus
don’t get it twisted the fire that I spit is holy
them demons used to control me but they no longer own me
i been there done that son listen here
when you really need help boys disappear
when you start doing right chicks disappear
that ain’t real but thats her favorite smile from ear to ear
i been through much the streets are wicked, the people shife
if you aint bout Jesus Christ, you ain’t bout life
the conclusion is an illusion, thats really death
when I came to Christ thats when I took my first breath
had plenty dimes, they used to call me dolla
studied the game inside out you can call me scholar
trying to get mine and same time have fun
devil almost took me out before its said and done
what good is the chain, rocks and rangs, when you leave
if heaven ain’t your destination you just been deceived
so you can have the racks on racks if my God ain’t give it
I know the truth, stand firm, devil I’m not slippin


The project has 12 tracks. I could really appreciate the ministry on the mixtape. It wasn’t just music, a couple of the tracks was mini sermons about praying and living right. The song Mr. Word of Mouth featuring Bro Blessed was one of my favorites. They both killed it. He has tracks that cover several different issues going on in life today. This is Goodbye talks about letting go things that hold you back from doing the things of God. He has another track Salute that goes into how God protects and provides. The last track is called Joshua which is a personal testimony. I can appreciate artist who allow themselves to be vulnerable for the sake of showing someone the right path to take.


Overall, its a phenomenal project. The production was on point. The mixdown was professional quality. Now, I will say I wouldn’t have been mad if it had about 15 tracks. Maybe that’s me being greedy. I like good music.


If you haven’t heard it, download your copy here. While you there, take a look at what else G-Code has going on. After you listen, come back here and comment about your thoughts. In the meantime, stay 10 Toes Down for the Lord and prepare to Stand. You’ll catch that one after you listen…