iaj-powerI was at The REAL worship Center fellowshipping with my brother Trinity during the REAL People Awards. It was about 30 minutes before our Foundation set when I caught I Am Justified posted up in the back. He had just won an award. We stopped for a quick photo op and then he handed me an autographed copy of his new album Power. I dug in my pocket and gave him $10 for it.

I was blessed to host the release party for his first album Revolution. After witnessing his growth spiritually and lyrically over the next year, I was happy to get Power. I was also concerned. Did he rush it? Will the content be there? Will his 2nd album meet the expectations set by the first album? More importantly, as I listen to this new breed of Christian rappers, is Jesus even in his music? I popped it in my disc changer and about 4 days later, it came on.

Power, the title cut, is a hard hitting powerful song about why people chase power for the wrong reasons. It starts with some poetic words about what power really is and the things people will do to get it. God Is Great is all about staying focused on the Savior and understanding that he gonna work out whatever you may be going through. You know when is God about to bless you, and you get that feeling on the inside. The song is about that feeling. Testify is about opening up and sharing God’s goodness, regardless of what is going on. No matter how they try to shut you down or whats going in society. He made the point that he’s a Christian because he needs help, not cause he perfect.

Houston is one of those songs that every artist from the city of Houston needs to do. We all know Htown has its own distinct sound, swagg and everything. This was Justified’s chance to just…”reppin for my city, reppin for my city, reppin for my city”. He closed it out with some personal testimony about his family. Gucci, Louis, Prada is a song that really serves as a wake up call to women. Unfortunately, lots of the women are focused on material things. They’ll give up their priceless bodies for high priced fashion. He was instructing women to chase education and purpose instead of material things.

Freedom is about understanding who you are in Christ. People think they are free but are shackled by their beliefs. They are shackled by their lack of understanding. The love of Jesus broke the chains…so they yelling “Freeeeddoooomm”. Poem is the 2nd time we hear the voice of this young passionate lady pouring out about Power and how to handle it. Devil Can’t Stop Me is a song about how the world will present all types of religions and distract us. Justified compared the years they struggled in Egypt to the systematic problems we have this day.

Take Off is featuring the homie Tre Cosmos, who by the way, handled the production of the album. The song is simple…it’s about going up in the Lord. Reign is a witty play off of Kirk Franklins rain. It’s about receiving the blessings from the Lord and giving him thanks for it. Its about being in position to receive the blessings that are in store for us because we’ve acted on our faith. Walk By Faith is about understanding God is with you whenever and wherever. Regardless of your works, its about your beliefs. Real Men Must Pray was Justified closing the project out with a simple, yet, earnest and diligent prayer. I’m Reppin Jesus is a remix to the I’m Reppin smash from the Revolution album. It features a slew of Gospel rappers all affiliated with Justified.

My favorite verse was from the intro… Justified writes…

I was gift wrapped and burst out of my package for practice
I’m just a soldier of the Lord I’m fighting for armageddon
I come to sound the alarm and tell the army get ready
and if they think they can beat me tell them demons come see me
I been refined in the fire coming back with a vengeance
itching to witness
doctors, preachers, prophets and christians
I am so grateful this moment
know I am chosen for it
know heaven waiting on me
then defeat my opponents
we rising up from the dust to show them power homie

Justified addressed my concerns head on. It didn’t seem rushed at all (although a Chuck feature would’ve been nice). The production was laced with a combination of pop, rap and r&b beats. The message of Christ was woven into the concept of Power, and more importantly, getting and using Power in a way that God would be pleased.

I salute you Justified as you #SteadyIncreasing. Stay focused and keep God first.  Don’t lose sight of the Savior.  I’m excited to see what God has next for you. Go get your copy of Power from I Am Justified.