lecrae-cc3Lecrae dropped his 3rd installment of the Church Clothes series.  It was a cool project with 10 tracks discussing everything from trying to focus on Jesus to dealing with haters.  It starts with Freedom, which is a song about freedom, or really the lack their of in this country we live in.  Gangland was about how gangs make up this country and the bad examples Gangs can set.  Deja Vu was a song about reminiscing about the times we’ve came from and the challenges we have.  Through it all, the Lord is still with us, like Deja Vu.

Sidelines is a song really addressing the haters who always talking.  He discussed how far they came from when they used be on the sideline and now they in the game.  Cruising was a song about just moving forward and feeling good, regardless of whats happening.  It is what it is was a song addressing all the critics who trip off of the moves they making as a click.  He say the focus is still on pleasing the father so…it is what it is.

Can’t Do You is about not trying please everyone else. I can’t do you cause I’m doing me.  Forever is a dedication to wifey just showing appreciation for the sacrifices.  He down with her forever.  Misconceptions 3 is another cypher about the misconceptions people have about ministry and what they believe.  I wouldn’t know is about staying away from the hate.

Dig these lyrics from It is what it is…

I ain’t really feeling that bruh,
I ain’t with religious rap bruh,
she say that it is different rap
illuminati on another level rap
heaven went to hell and back, huh
alot of radio and giving no play
thats ok
cause my day 1’s been A1 before the cosigns and the pros came
where you been been boy boy
you ain’t been keeping up
church clothes 1, 2 then anomaly,
prolly need to turn ya speakers up
now I’m on my 3rd take
and I just might drop it on a Thursday
so tell the industry and the enemy that ya man wasn’t following the rules in the first place
30 plus in a residential
in the truck feeling presidential
and my girl looking detrimental
killing anything thats trying to be a sidepiece out my mental
out of your mind
you think I’m leaving my baby by marching for dimes
you get that curve you way outta line
gave her that rock, I’m staying with mine

At the end of the day, Church Clothes 3 was a cool project. It was short though. He covered a range of issues he was dealing with and how he has to stay focused on the Lord, regardless of whats being thrown at him. I think alot of us are in that situation.  Slide on over to Google Play and get you a copy.