To God Be The GloryLil Drew’s To God Be The Glory is what I call salvation slab music. It’s a project that is great to ride to. Turn it up, let it bang, and come down on boys. Drew was able to take this Htown sound and give his testimony on how Christ changed his life while using some interesting word play mixed with crunk, dance and trap beats.

It starts off with an acapella introduction to the album called To God Be The Glory. He really pours out about the purpose of the album. All The Glory feat Phyre has Htown all over it. From the screwed bars in the hook to the funky bass line in the track. The song was about giving God the glory even when boys hating on you.  I Don’t Need It feat. Shandalyn is a song about recognizing that money is not everything. Take everything…as long as I have Jesus. It seemed inspired by the story of Job.  Stunting Like My Dad feat. Xpressive & FOE is a party type song with all three guys spitting about being like Jesus. They talking about walking and talking like Christ.  Know His Name feat Sypreme is a song about not being ashamed to spread the name of Jesus.  Like The Lord Do feat. FOE is an autotuned message to the ladies that no man can love you like the Lord do. Stop looking for love in all the wrong places and instead get to know Christ.  Starched Down Prayed Up is prolly my favorite on the album. It’s another tribute to the city of Houston. It’s about being in these Htown streets, keeping your swag but witnessing and being about kingdom business.  Where They Do That At feat. Wyzeman & Kmor is a message to those Christians focused on the wrong things. Be not conformed to this world be transformed by the renewing of your faith. This is the basis of the song.  Do My Dance feat God Son is a party Holy Ghost dance song about just lifting hands and praising God. It’s about having a good time in the Lord.  Testify feat D-Ross is a song where Lil Drew gave some insight into his personal life. He dropped some bars about how God saved his sons life after he prayed about it.  Not Alone feat D-Ross & Miracle is a reminder that God is always with you. No matter what you may be going through, God is there with you.

Starched Down Prayed Up
What is do,
its Lil Drew
still coming down coming thru
I’m posted in the hood
when they come out mayne I can save a few
gave my life to you know who
so its out with the old and in with the new
study to show myself approved
then I jump in the booth
and make it do what it do
knowledge and power stay in school
I’m a role model now who woulda knew
6 years ago I was acting a fool
I ain’t talking about Trae but I met the truth
Jesus Christ yeah thats him
he died for a world thats full of sin
if I ain’t got nothing boy you know I got faith in him
he the king of kings
lord of lords
don’t you ever doubt it
the vine is taking over I’m about start a riot
got my bible off in my pocket
and no weapon formed will prosper don’t try it,
you some puddy cats to a lion
you ain’t bout that life quit lyin
i could move a mountain, slay a giant
he just sleep, he ain’t dying
this more than rap this more than rhyming
this breaking chains no more binding
I’m free from sin, thats perfect timing
but glory be to God when you see me out here grinding

To God Be The Glory is a home run. Between the scriptural references, jamming beats, host of features and solid mixing, Lil Drew knocked it out the park. If you are from the H, you’ll love it. If you are from the streets, you can dig it. If you are from the church, you’ll appreciate it. Give it a listen.