livin-water-broken-imagesSo, I met the homie Living Water a few years ago, over at Krank It Up Productions. We was over there recording the Foundation album. OG Global Gospel was there. He say Poetic, this dude right here working on a project that’s gonna me tough. The project was Broken Images. He dropped it last year. I got it last week. I gave it a listen for a few days straight.

Its an interesting project. It starts off with the Intro. It was a kinda disfunctional computerized reading of the Genesis 1. It was basically a visual of how corrupted this world is. The next track is called I Know and its about understanding that you need Christ and he is the way. World’s Cry is a song featuring Blessed 100 and Global Gospel. It about how times can be so tough in the world, that sometimes you gotta cry.

Work was one of my favorites. It’s a party song about trying to live right and do the right the things. It’s followed by In His Arms which is a song about finding rest. You can find rest in the arms of the Lord. They Sang is one of my favorites. Its a soulful song about staying strong in the Lord, in the midst of trials and tribulations. He has another one called Regrets. Its a message to cats out here trapped in the system trying live in a way that’s not of God. He saying you can change your life, don’t live with regrets.

I’m Weird is a song about being different in Christ. He saying I’m not the same as you cats. I agree. Scripture says, we are a peculiar people. I’m weird too bro. He has another called, Done It All featuring Maximus. It’s about going all in for Christ. If we done did everything in the streets and the club, why not go all the way in for Christ.

It’s another turn up song on here called In The Building. It about getting crunk cause, Christ is in the building with us. Dreams, was an uplifting song about chasing your dreams and accomplishing them with the power of Christ. Hustlas Paradise is about understanding that making it and being successful doesn’t revolve around material things. Cheers is about toasting to the word of the God. Wild Nite was a good one. It’s one of my favorites. It’s about resisting temptation and what could happen when you don’t.  He has some other songs like Love Again and Get It Started which have powerful messages. Another is On My Feelings. It is an autotuned love song.

Dig this verse from In His Arms

Poppa was a rolling stone
rarely found him at home
son the perfect picture of a broken image
lookin in the mirror
didn’t recognize what God seen
when he pictured him
all he seen was imperfection when he looked at him
didn’t think like the other boys unpure thoughts
running around like a wild horse
if slurred, wicked words
all he heard growing up
surely God must hate him so depressed just throwing up
help him rest Lord

For the most part, its a nice project. It has a variety of tracks, all of them kinda groovy. He told stories, gave testimonies, used scriptures all in a very humbled and deliberate way.  Check it out. Its called Broken Images, by Living Water.