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Lyrical & Spiritual Radio Show Episode 32

Tough Decisions
Point 1: Assess the Risk
Point 2: Accept the Responsibility
Point 3: Acknowledge the Repercussions

We all gonna be faced with tough decisions. We can’t run from them and act like they don’t exist. We have to deal with them. Next time you in a situation, and for those who have tough choices to make right now, consider these tips to help make the decision. First Assess the risk involved with the decision. Understand what the worst possible scenario is. Accept the responsibility. If you gonna do it, understand that it will come with sacrifice. You may have to give up something to get it done. Lastly, acknowledge the repercussions. Understand and agree with what will happen if your tough decision isn’t the best choice.

Album Review:
AJ McQueen – Bar Exam
This is a great mixtape. It has plenty of tracks. He was spitting all kinds of flows. He had some new school tracks and respected the classics. He should’ve dropped a poetry peice on here though. It’s all good though. I’m waiting on the album.  Read the full review.

1. Preaching to Myself – jDab
2. So Excited – Feet
3. Kick in the Door – AJ McQueen
4. Deeper Deeps – God Son
5. Momma We Made It – Corey Paul
6. I’m Still Here – Von Won
7. Love – Andy Mineo
8. Love Makes Me A Man – Canton Jones
9. All I Need – Carita Cole
10. On The Regular – AJ McQueen
11. I’m Becoming – AJ McQueen
12. Don’t – AJ McQueen
13. Shook Ones – AJ McQueen
14. Drip From My Walk – AJ McQueen
15. The Boycott – AJ McQueen

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