The Message
During the #LyricalSpritual Radio Show on Thursday March 31, 2016, Poetic Prophet discussed “How To Deal with Your Haters”. Nehemiah was rebuilding the great wall in Jerusalem and had to deal with opposition (haters). He outlined some tips in how to deal with them.

  • Work Hard (Neh 4:6). You have to work hard in order to accomplish the tasks that haters think you won’t.
  • Pray About It (Neh 4:9). Ask God for guidiance when dealing with the opposition.
  • Make A Plan (Neh 4:13). Create a strategy to succeed with the directions God gives.
  • Encourage Your Supporters (Neh 4:14). Be mindful of those who support you when your following God’s purpose. Keep them uplifted.
  • Stick To It (Neh 4:21). Don’t quit when it seems tough.
  • Finish The Job (Neh 6:15). It doesn’t make sense to start it and not complete it. Don’t give the haters more to talk about.

The Album Review
The album reviewed this week was To God Be The Glory from Lil Drew. It’s a home run. Between the scriptural references, jamming beats, host of features and solid mixing, Lil Drew knocked it out the park. If you are from the H, you’ll love it. If you are from the streets, you’ll…read more

#LyricalSpiritual show #4 playlist

Song 1. That’s Love – Feet
Song 2. Father Forgive Em – Poetic Prophet
Song 3. They Talk – Urgency
Song 4. Paparazzi in the church – Immortal
Song 5. Keep Calling me – Phurious Styles
Song 6. 25 bibles – DJ DMD
Song 7. I Need You – Urgency
Song 8. Sinfulman – Lady Zion
Song 9. Breathe – Global Gospel
Song 10. Walk Like Christ – Poetic Prophet
Song 11. Stunt Like My Dad – Lil Drew
Song 12. Starched Down Prayed Up – Lil Drew
Song 13. Where They Do That At – Lil Drew
Song 14. The Lord Do – Lil Drew
Song 15. A Good Day – Q Stone