Leave A Legacy – Genesis 50: 22-26
We’ve been following Joseph this entire time. He’s been building a legacy to leave for his family and people. As we close our this study on Joseph, its important to remember that, everything you do, throughout the course of your life will either contribute to, or take away from, your legacy. Joseph is about die. Lets look at how to leave a legacy.

Point 1: Bless Your Family
Point 2: Bless The Finally
Point 3: Bless The Future

Surf Gvng – Initixion
Overall, its a nice project. The beats was on point. The message was clear. The lyrics was tight. The hooks was catchy. They represented Christ and their block to the fullest. I can…read more

Song 1: Can’t Stop My Shine – JT
Song 2: Sin No More – Bizzle
Song 3: Preacher Man – Canton Jones
Song 4: Love Go High – Derek Minor
Song 5: So Excited – Feet
Song 6: Momma We Made It – Corey Paul
Song 7: Django – God Son
Song 8: I’m A Pro – K-Renee
Song 9: Fight – Rifica
Song 10: Royalty – Carita Cole
Song 11: Excellent – Sho Baraka
Song 12: Running – Surf Gvng
Song 13: Gvng Signs – Surf Gvng
Song 14: Down & Out – Surf Gvng
Song 15: Lawyer Fee – Surf Gvng
Song 16: Low to the ground – Surf Gvng
Song 17: I’m God – Surf Gvng
Song 18: Yeshua Christo – Surf Gvng
Song 19: Spark A Prayer – Surf Gvng


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Posted by Charles Lewis on Wednesday, March 15, 2017