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Lyrical & Spiritual Radio Show Episode 13

The Message:

On this weeks Lyrical & Spritual Radio Show, Poetic Prophet discussed “The Benefits of the Lord”

Point 1: The Lord is the Plug
Point 2. The Lord Will Provide
Point 3: The Lord Will Give You Favor
Point 4: The Lord Will Bless those who bless you
Point 5: The Lord will Prepare You For Your Destiny

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The Album Review: Bizzle – Surrender

Bizzle’s Surrender is a really nice project.  You could see his growth from The Good Fight.  The scripture references were on point and the album focus was clearly on surrendering to Jesus. The production choices gave it a RnB and soul type feel.  Bizzle got bars, and lyrically, he stayed the course with creative story telling, humorous punch lines and down south lingo.   Personally, I could really appreciate this body of work because, most Christian artist who get…  See full album review.


Lyrical & Spiritual Radio Show #13 Playlist

Song 1: Inspiration – Mike B
Song 2: Doctor – 1 God
Song 3: Don’t Judge Me – Carita Cole
Song 4: That’s Love – Feet
Song 5: Ride For The Kingdom – H3
Song 6: Crown – Tre Cosmos
Song 7: Snatch You Off The Fence – 2 Crunk 4 Jesus
Song 8: I’m Reppin – I Am Justified
Song 9: Prayers Up – Bizzle
Song 10: Not For Sale – Bizzle
Song 11: Ride Out – Bizzle
Song 12: Soul Deep – Bizzle
Song 13: Sin No More – Bizzle
Song 14: Awesome God – Urgency

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