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Lyrical & Spiritual Radio Show Episode 33


Tough Decisions part 2
Point 1: Face The Reality
Point 2: Face The Facts
Point 3: Face The Pressure

When you faced with a tough decision, its important to fully understand what is influencing your decisions.  There is usually some reality, some facts and some pressure that help you make a tough decisions.   We looked at Jacob and the choice he had to make to send his son back to Egypt.  It was a tough decisions.

Album Review:
Reconcile – Sacrifice
Sacrifice is a hard album. The stories he told and testimonies given were true and from the heart. I think he needs a new genre like…Trap Worship. He has this raspy and almost angry delivery, albeit just his level of excitement, it demands that you listen. You add in some top quality… read full review

1. Preach – Feet
2. Jeremiah Fire – God Son
3. Grass Ain’t Greener – Mouthpi3ce
4. Fill Me – Urgency
5. Against Us – Dee 1
6. Sin No More – Bizzle
7. Unstoppable – Angie Rose
8. Inspiration – Mike B
9. I Can’t Help It – Canton Jones
10. Don’t Judge Me – Carita Cole
11. Amen – Reconcile
12. Forty8 – Reconcile
13. Numb – Reconcile
14. 4Life – Reconcile
15. South Central – Reconcile
16. Leave You – Reconcile
17. HHGH – Reconcile
18. Dearly Departed – Reconcile

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