The Message: Backstabbers

On this weeks Lyrical & Spritual Radio Show, Poetic Prophet discussed the topic of Backstabbers. In the book of 2 Samuel, in the story of David and Bathsheba, we find 3 tips on how to identify backstabbers.

Point 1: They Want What You Have
Point 2. They Will Set Traps
Point 3: They Can Kill You

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The Album Review: Tre Cosmos – Aurking

Tre Cosmos released this album called Aurking. It has a range of production from hip hop, RnB, pop and even some soul music on this album…that Tre actually produced himself. Yeah, he did the beats too. The word play was fun and creative while the message was honest and sincere. You want something different to jam and still get your praise on, check out Aurking from the homie Tre Cosmos. Read the full review.

Lyrical & Spiritual Radio Show #7 Playlist

Song 1: Song Excited – Feet
Song 2: Starched Down – Lil Drew
Song 3: Victory – Dre OG
Song 4: Snatch You Off The Fence – 2 Crunk
Song 5: Prosperity Preachas – Poetic Prophet
Song 6: Scream So Loud – Q Stone
Song 7: I Need Your Love – Cole Rose
Song 8: Backstabbers – JT
Song 9: I Need You – Urgency
Song 10: Fight – Rifica
Song 11: Kingdom Come – Tre Cosmos
Song 12: Crown – Tre Cosmos
Song 13: Christ Rules Everything Around Me – Tre Cosmos
Song 14: #DabOnDaDevil – II Crunk 4 Jesus