The Message
During the #LyricalSpritual Radio Show on Thursday March 24, 2016, Poetic Prophet discussed the concept of having “Real Talk”. “Real Talk” is basically open and honest communication about a particular subject matter.

Proverbs chapter 1 gives three facts about yourself that you need to have in order to have “Real talk”. If followed, these will help you be an overall better communicator and get better feedback from those you are communicating with.

  • Experience (Prov 1:2). You have to go through the things you are dealing with to get the experience to even discuss them. If you haven’t experienced it, how can your really talk about it?
  • Integrity (Prov 1:4). You have to be honest with yourself when discussing certain things. How can you expect others to be real with you if you not being real with yourself?
  • Understanding (Prov 1:5). You must get an understanding of what it is you’re being told. How can you recall that information if you didn’t understand it?

The Album Review
The album reviewed this week was My Voice My Spirit from Q Stone. The album is hot. It’s a well produced, Christian praise album loaded with scripture and a great message. The production is top notch. Q has an old school, down south, lingo when he spit. You can hear Texas all in him. If you want something…read more

#LyricalSpiritual show #3 playlist

Song 1. So Excited – Feet
Song 2. Good Fruits – LA Will
Song 3. Have Faith – Poetic Prophet
Song 4. Mr. Word of Mouth – CJ
Song 5. Range Rover – Bizzle
Song 6. Righteous Shuffle – Rifica
Song 7. Fakin – Lecrae
Song 8. I’m Reppin – I Am Justified
Song 9. Let It Roll – 2 Crunk
Song 10. Mr Fisherman – JCINO
Song 11. A Good Day – Q Stone
Song 12. Scream So loud – Q Stone
Song 13. Right Now – Q Stone
Song 14. Thats Love – Feet