The Message: Struggle Management
On this weeks Lyrical & Spritual Radio Show, Poetic Prophet discussed the topic of Struggle Management and really how to deal with hard times. In the book of James, chapter 1 verses 2-8 and verse 12, we find 5 tips on how to deal with the struggle.

Point 1: Be Happy About It.
Point 2. Be Patient.
Point 3: Be Satisfied.
Point 4: Pray and Believe.
Point 5: Get Your Breakthrough.

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The Album Review: Educator – Cator Chronicles
Educator didn’t let me down with this one. He was able to take the same high energy, the same scriptural focus but actually change his rap style. Cator Chronicles has a totally different approach compared to his other projects. Lyrically, he went in. The production was on point and the message was consistent with the other 15 albums he has. Get you a copy of Cator Chronicles Today. See full album review.

Lyrical & Spiritual Radio Show #5 Playlist
Song 1: Starched Down, Prayed Up – Lil Drew
Song 2: Scream So Loud – Q Stone
Song 3: For The Kingdom – Mr. H3
Song 4: Keep Calling Me – Phurious Styles
Song 5: Prince of Peace – Poetic Prophet
Song 6: Spirit Filled – Urgency
Song 7: Let it Whip – Lecrae
Song 8: Dear Hip Hop – Bizzle
Song 9: Shine – Educator
Song 10: Pharisee – Educator
Song 11: Power – Educator
Song 12: Steady Increasing – I Am Justified
Song 13: God is Great – CJ