Before we get into the mixtape, let me start by saying the DOPE Movement may be one of the oddest camps out here (I mean that in a good way). When you consider the main members and different walks of life they come from, you would think that it wouldn’t be a good fit. Oh to God be the Glory and how he can take a dude from the Northside streets of Houston, a soldier, a solidified Rockstar and young kid who came from the struggle but will rap a circle around the best of em, and create a movement so energetic, so passionate, so motivated by Christ. This movement is Driven On Positive Energy.

They came together and produced a series of G-mixes (Godly remixes) of popular secular songs and did a Mixtape Pre release called DOPE Movement. I had ministered with II Crunk 4 Jesus several times at different outreaches across the city and he would do these songs and young folk, old folk, literally everybody would go crazy. I approached him for a copy after we ministered in Huntsville and he was like, bro…it’s not out yet. Fast forward a few months to a Mic Check Concert (now called The Flow) and I had a chance to talk with Cole Rose after the performance. I realized then she was really special. She has an annointing, a gift and a testimony that will bless so many. Check this interview with her and I Am Justified. Anyway, as her and I talked, I asked for a CD and she was like, man Poetic I’m out right now. A few months after that, I’m ministering in Dickenson, TX at Mount Olive Baptist Church and DOPE Movement is in the building. II Crunk walks up and hands me the freshly pressed, tightly shrinkwrapped, DOPE Movement mixtape.

It comes on asking a really good question…Who DOPEr than He? Think about that for a second. Who is doper than Jesus. They all took turns going in about why Jesus was so dope and the things he done for them. The song has tons of energy. It transitions into a G-mix of Drakes All Me that is called All Him. Cole Rose ripped this track up as they totally switched the song from focusing and boasting about yourself to bragging about how good the Lord is.

Turn Up was the next track and the name is so fitting for the song. When the beat drops you will turn up. You have no choice. This track is loaded with crunk juice from the synthesizing pop/rock beat, Deeternal’s million words per minute and even the auto tuned hook…get your praise on. This is a praise party anthem. Did I mention Cole Rose murdered this one too. The album took a sharp turn when CREAM came on. Two minutes into the song, the beat slowed down and changed and there was a few minutes of freestyling. They were killing too. I found myself rocking slowly talking bout HOLD UP Screw….nowamsayin

After that, II Crunk and AD the Problem Solver did another G-mix to All Gold Everything…except its All God Everything. Like he did on the whole project, II Crunk went in and shined a light on why everything we have is all from God. I could also appreciate A.D going in with a down south, gray tape, body rock type of flow. I eventually made to a song that forced me to listen to it on repeat a few times in a row. Brand New Body was DOPE Movements twist on New Bugatti. This one really hits home if you’ve seen and witnessed the changes that can happen when you decide to accept God will for your life. II Crunk went to say…

Yeah I do it for Christ
Glory to God he apart of my life
took the big body and chunked me a bike
I said thank you Jesus and kept him in sight
picked up my cross and answered my calling
look at my face they think that I’m ballin
reached for my phone and answered my call in
ain’t got time to wait cause 2 Crunk aint stallin
Jesus Boys gear out the cleaners
still got the ice on my wrist
shopping at Bebe’ and Weiners
used to live in them bricks
still be thinking I’m dreaming
Jesus still in the midst
I’m reachin bringing you straight to the Lord
preaching bout faith while I’m living it hard
no reason to worry just trusting in God
ducking and dodgin the fake and the fraud
no comprimising I’m pulling they card
get built like a Chevy and tough like a Ford
my transformation is being reformed
now satan retreating and ringin alarms

Deeternal is a beast. His flow is on drugs…literally…Lyrical Steriods. Everytime I listen, I hear something different that he said. Josiah on the other hand is the quiet young man. He doesn’t say much, until he grabs the mic, and then its like….WHOA…did he just, did he say, no he didn’t, hold up….like for real for real. I witnessed him shut down a freestyle competition at the same Mic Check Concert mentioned earlier.

This is one of those mixtapes that everybody who deals with youth or has family and friends who struggle coming to church and hearing the word of God should have. Its packed full of ministry and testimony over familiar beats. The lyrical content was tight. The choice of instrumentals was on point and the mixdown was nice. The message is all about Jesus and allowing him to use you and make something out of nothing.

Join the DOPE Movement and get you a copy today!