rifica-dom2The Death of Me Mixtape volume 2 by RIFICA is hosted by DJ Sean Blu.  It starts with Lose Yourself which is a song about doing Gods will and not your own will. You have to lose yourself in order to follow God. Soldier is about being a soldier in the army for God and just like soldiers, we all have a position to play. He featured Ecclesiastes and they rhymed about following the rules to being a soldier in God’s army. He featured B.Sloan on a couple tracks. One is called For Da Fam. It’s a song about witnessing to family members. Sometimes, the ones closest to you are the hardest to reach. She killed it and Rif went in too understanding that he has to save the family because he got saved. The other track she was featured on is a remake of J Cole’s Nobody’s Perfect. She did the hook while Rif described the perfect, God fearing woman…interesting perspective.

Rif may have done something that I believe could’ve been a first. Secular tracks get remixed all the time and used for the glory of God. He chose to remake Lecrae’s Fakin feat Thisl, except he featured Urgency, H.A.M and yours truly. I must say, this was fun to do. It was lyrical exercise because anytime you are on a feature with Rif, H.A.M or Urgency, you better step it up. I was blessed to have a 2nd feature on this project on another song called Clique. This featured Christian rap pioneers Educator and Immortal. We all went in about representing for Jesus Christ and the favor that God gives to those who seek him. It’s a shame how others will see the favor and anointing on your life and hate or feel like its not fair. But, like the hook says, Favor ain’t fair my clique got truckloads…

I Am a Christian is probably one my favorites on this project. It was one verse and he stressed that being a Christian is about following Christ and that you must obey the Holy Spirit when you operate day to day. Check the lyrics

Follow me as I am following Christ,
Im a Christian so Im repping the Christ,
They say they rep Christ but they rap anti Christ,
Like they are inspired by a poltergeist,
The holy ghost spirit been writing my raps since I graduated High School gowns and caps,
He downloads the lyrics in my spirit app,
He leads and I follow him gps map,
The holy spirit dwells in holiness,
I strive to be the holiest,
not holier than thou but like Jesus the most glorious,
He’s my secret weapon yet there’s no secret to those whose seeking,
Seek find listen say the holy spirit speaking,
Jesus Christ is Lord Im a say it to the death of me,
All Glory go to God Hallelujah to the trinity,
Im a Christian on a mission Im playing in my position,
this the great commission, God gave me vision cause he’s risen,
death to tradition the desegregation of religion,
As a Christian God requires submission if you want admission,
In Christ there’s no hot or cold,
he find you luke warm he spit you out.
Iniquities habitual sin, You die in that strike you out.

Party Time is one of those get down and boogey songs. It’s all about praising him with fun and dance. It’s an upbeat cross between Pop and Zydeco. You’ll either really like it or really hate it. I happen to like it. I also like when artist do concept songs because they show creativity. He did that with a song called Suit and Tie which was a explanation of why people have gone away from dressing sharp and urban clothing has been the new normal. He encourages us to dress up every now and then. The best part about it was how he compared the suit and tie to putting on the armor of God. Black History was a song that quickly reminded me that Rif is also an educator. It was cool because he recognized Martin Luther King and Malcolm X but quickly reminded us that they died and haven’t got up but our Jesus lives today.

RIFICA’s Death of Me Mixtape volume 2 is a great listen. It has 18 tracks of crazy remixes with awesome features. DJ Sean Blu kept the energy up and the mixing was well done. The entire focus of the mixtape was about seeking and finding what God has for you and not doing your on thing. The Bible says in Mark 8, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me”. This whole mixtape is about that concept. I can dig it…you should too. Download it FREE.