So, Phil J from Mobile Alabama and grew up in a musical household. He plays the drums and likes the old school classic acts like The Elements, The Whispers and Ohio Players. Back in 2005 he decided he wanted to rap for God. He felt inspired by Reach Records artist Lecrae and Andy Mineo. Ever since then, he’s been grinding, up to the point to become a Rapzilla freshman artist. This Foreigner album is his latest full length project.

In Living Color is the first track. It’s about being open, honest about believing in Christ and not being ashamed to put it out there. Elevate is one of my faves. It’s about moving higher in the Lord and in ministry. You have to keep improving and moving up. Ooh La La is a song dedicated to his lady. She is a blessing to him, and he know it.

Too Much Sauce is really just highlighting how good God is. It’s about how we don’t deserve the blessings we get, but we get them anyway. I got too much sauce. Real Luv is about that love Christ showed to us by dying for us. We didn’t deserve it but he did it anyway. That’s real love.

Dreams Never Change was about staying focused and committed to accomplishing your dreams. We must trust God and take some right now action.  Foreigner, the title cut, is just understanding that as believers, we are not supposed to be of this land. When you were reborn, you are a new creature. We are foreigners here and shouldn’t look like we belong. We different.

Dig this verse from Elevate

I am shooting past the moon never plan on landing
If you ain’t bout chasing your dreams you won’t understand it,
ain’t doing this for myself, doing it for the family
ain’t tryna fake it till I make it I gotta keep it candy
with everything I do
always being cautious that my pride doesn’t get the best of me because its costly
it will cost me countless feelings of contempt constantly
but I’m a keep cruising in my own lane making content that raise conscience,
no time for the nonsense
too focused on his promise
but I got God man
putting in work receiving blessing, faster than broadband,
I’m levitating I’m levitating no man can stop my stride,
the sky ain’t the limit homie I’m aiming way to high

He has alot of others like Ease Yo’ Mind, Young Royalz and On My Way Up…all jammers.

At the end of the day, homie jamming. He has this zealous delivery that loaded with punchlines and slick metaphors. The beats tight, and he produced them all himself. It’s a good listen, Check it out…Free download at RapZilla.