Puntin is a rapper/producer/entreprenuer who been in this game for over a decade.

He has released mixtapes like, Champion & Bananas which was killing Datpiff with thousands of downloads. His first indy album, Back to the Basics, charted on iTunes  and was an Amazon best seller. He dropped a few more, including No Fear. He dropped an EP this year…Its called Underrated.

It’s starts off with No Average Joe.  It is the intro and is some hard bars, over a hard track, just letting you know that Puntin not your average artist, not following trends, but instead, doing his own thing.

Underrated, the title cut, is letting everyone know that, its time to stop sleeping on him, he underrated and its time to show y’all why.

I Got A Problem is a song for the hustlers and grinders.  It’s about staying focused and sticking to the grind, until you accomplish your goals.

I Made It Work is just a personal testimony of how you can make it through the struggle, if you use what God gave you, don’t give up, and stay original.

Clout Chaser is about all these rappers out here sounding like everybody else, and always riding the wave.  He say, if you sell your soul for fame, you a clout chaser.

Dig these bars from lout Chaser

Got the flavor, got the juice
why they feel me like a masseuse
I ain’t like these other rappers, I’m the same in the booth
I ain’t gotta show up fronting just so people think I’m cool
I hold my own weight, I don’t need a big crew
Now I’m really from the hood, not just pumping for the likes
yeah his flow is kinda nice but he ain’t really bout that life
I been grinding independent on the move without a deal
I just left another country just so you will know its real
see I was in the kitchen at the age of 18
whipping beats like coke and I aint talking about fiends
I just left a Conoco and yeah talk is still cheap
and I ain’t worried about a party, I got to make ends meet

At the end of the day, the EP jams.  It’s riding music. No skipping, just let it play, catch the vibe.  Feel the positivity in the project. The lyrics tight, and the beats jamming.   Puntin did it all too.

Go get it.