pyrexx-badThis was my first time checking into Pyrexx.  I had heard the name before.  I knew of some work with him and Trae the Truth. I had a conversation with the big homie Global Gospel, and he was like, you need to check that Pyrexx out…so I did.

Born Again Disciple is the intro featuring several Pyrexx samples from various productions that tell the story of what he’s been through.  Track 2 is Bout Dat feat Von Won.  It’s about being about our Father’s Business, like witnessing, praying, helping people, all that. He has another on here called Life On It feat Clay G & Layzie Bone.  It’s a righteous twist on the song, 5 on it, that was talking about being willing to die for this Christian life.

Pyrexx featured his son JoJo on a few tracks, including one called Continue Rolling.  It’s a pretty cool song talking about repping Jesus while coming down on the slab…knomsayin.  Track 10 is called Walk With Me. It feat Tamara Solomon and was about his path to Salvation.  It described how Tre 9 led him to Christ.  Speaking of Tre 9, he’s featured on track 13 on a song called Follow Me.  He telling everyone to get off the bench and follow me as I follow Christ. Track 14 is called One.  It’s the only song with no features on this whole project.  Ironically, it’s called One.  It’s really about representing for 1 God and 1 God only.  Transparent feat Rob Clay is about understanding we are all the same.  We bleed the same, we breathe the same air.  We are all God’s children…just raised a little different. It’s one of my favorites.  Matter of fact, dig these bars from Transparent.

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired
I’m a man that sin but I’m still God’s child
When you look at me the way you look at me
Its like I’m dirt that under your feet and you rather see me bleed
Maybe not actually but you rather see me deceased
You rather not see me around your seeds winning the streets
You understand me
I have a family, thats all around me,
I will do anything to provide for my family
Imma thoroughbread
You heard what I said
Determined for bread
Was lost but crossed over from dead
And now I’m shooting lead
I’m alive now, I was revived how
The way I put that pride down
I’m Christ child
Pull up on faith and turn the light on
And turn the dark off
Turn around and walk off
Never look back never go back to where you started from
I won’t go back nall, prove my walk is clean
I’m just a human being, not a perfect machine

It’s several other tracks on here like Test 1 2, Imma get there, In Jesus Name and Be With You.The project has 18 tracks total and whole bunch of features.  He has everybody from Bun B, DJ DMD, Bizzle, Sevin, Mic Tunez, Von Won and the Screwed Up Click legend, ESG.

Overall, its a really tight project. Pyrexx got bars and he spitting over all kinds of tracks. It tells the story of a dude from the streets who found Christ and now is about Kingdom business.  It’s called Born Again Disciple.  I believe we all should strive to be that. For real. Get you copy today.