Q Stone – My Voice My Spirit Review

My-Voice-My-Spirit-CoverMy brother and fellow Mo Citian, Quincy Whetstone, or Q Stone as we call him released his first full length Gospel album called My Voice My Spirit. He’s known for being behind the scenes making beats for many of the artist from the South you hear today. He has a keen ear for music and production and is skilled on multiple instruments. When you hear that, you ask…what made him want to rap? I asked the same question. I hit him up on IG and shot me link to download the album. It can go down in the DM on a positive note…I’m just sayin.  Anyway, I downloaded it, added it to my Google Play library and gave it a listen.

It starts of with Be Free. It’s a song with a dance jazz twist about being free from bondage and insecurities. When you have God and are a believer, your soul is free and you are in a position to get the blessings God has in store for you.  A Good Day is a song laid back song about just feeling good. You know how you know God is operating in your life and you can see his manifestation…and it just feels good. The song is about that feeling…That why I woke up early this morning.  Yes I Do is a straight up praise song. I could imagine my church’s praise team singing that song. The message was simple, Yes I Do want your favor, peace and joy.  Anything is an uplifting song about encouraging the listeners that they can be anything. If you have faith and believe you can do anything.  Scream So Loud is a soulful acoustic creation addressing the social economics of whats going on today. All of the issues affecting our people makes you want to scream loud.  Q went on to say… “Nall mayne…that’s a shame”.  Right Now is my favorite on the project. He discussed why we need the Lord right now.  Stronger was a concept song about knowing that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.  Come together was another grown up and saved jazz type song about coming together. There is enough separation and enough of the jealousy and hating.  Lets come together.

Dig these bars from Right Now…

God we need you right now more than ever
The wicked man is clever
Thats why we all need to come together
We need more love and less hatred
We fighting against the same enemy of God and that’s Satan
from one man, he made all nations
no matter how dark ya skin is we all still related
but we all still trapped in the matrix
divided by decisions, divided by choice of religions
see got a common bond, in God we trust,
we gotta look inside and see the God in us
nobody knows whats really going on,
we don’t even notice each other no more because we staring at our
we all wanna be left alone,
but it was unity and community that kept the people strong
its time to be the leaders that we searching for
God, we need you
when I look in the mirror I can see you
right now…

The album is hot. It’s a well produced, Christian praise album loaded with scripture and a great message. The production is top notch. Q has an old school, down south, lingo when he spit. You can hear Texas all in him. If you want something to ride to that can really take you church at the same time, go get My Voice My Spirit from QStone. It’s a jammer

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