fresh-mannaA couple of years ago, Rifica was wrapping up a mixtape called Death of Me volume 2.  While working on it, he shared with me that was already working a new full length studio album called Fresh Manna.  He told me then that this project would be totally different from anything he has released thus far.  His musical background was displayed much more on this project from playing interlude guitar riffs to singing background and lead vocals.

It starts off with a guitar motif with him just strumming setting the tone for the album. Different is a song that pays tribute to the greats like the Temptations and Aretha Franklin while also explaining how he is different in Christ.  It has a soulful rock n roll feel to it. Praise was a song that listed out all of the things we tend to take for granted and highlighted the fact that they are actually reasons to praise.  Popularity Contest is a rock song with Rif addressing our society’s concern with being popular.  He said we need to repent and focus on God instead of ourselves.  Fight is a song about what we have to do while living on this earth.  The country was built on the beliefs of God but they aren’t followed, until tragedy happens. The same people asking for prayer, end up promoting foolishness.  As Christians, we have to keep fighting through all of that. We have to fight for the name of Jesus.  The song is about that fight.

Rifica included a trio of songs referencing our use of social media.  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All very socially conscience songs that discuss the ways people use these social networks for good and bad…mostly bad. He talked about how Christians don’t use it right all the time.

Christian Rapper is a song that is needed right now. Too many artist claiming they are Christian rappers but ain’t no Gospel in the lyrics.  Then on the other hand, we have people who scared to say they are a Christian rapper because of the…lack of opportunities.  He is proudly saying he is a Christian rapper.  Throwback is a song comparing how things were in the old days to present day.

Loopholes is a song featuring your’s truly that talks about the loopholes people try to find to do what they want, instead what God is asking them to do.  Addictions is a song about all of the things that make it hard to be a good man…from lusting to over eating and even smoking.  He asked the question…Lord, why is it hard to be a good man?

Dig these bars from Throwback…

take me back to the day when being a real man was the way
little boys play with toys and then aspire to be gay
a day when treating women like ladies was okay
a day when pants worn on your waist was the only accepted way
no fruit of loom or hanes tags hanging on display
and then go back and be showing your vertebrae
may I say I don’t like the way I see my
generation going it just makes me wanna cry
boys wearing girls stuff, girls wearing boy stuff,
are they male or female its hard to figure out its kinda tough
God is a God of order and everything is out of order
let get this back in order before God gives the order
for Jesus to return retrieve the sheep of the pasture
I hope you got ya life right and don’t blame the members Pastor
Christ coming back like a thief in the night
everything done in the dark will be brought to the light

It’s a few more tracks on this project about love and having fun with your spouse. Go on date nights and do the things you did to get her to keep her.  

Rifica brought much flavor to this album.  It’s like…old school, funky, soulful, hip hop with Jesus mixed all in it. It has plenty of tracks, great features, live instruments and the focus is the Gospel. It’s new, its different…it’s Fresh Manna.  Get a copy today.