sicily-problemsLately, I been on this quest to find more women Christian rappers. I bought this album Problems from Sicily off of Google Play and it’s been in the deck ever since. It was good to hear some great lyricism and word play. She has this kind of aggressive East Coast delivery that really compliments her story and what she’s been through.

It starts off with a song called Million Dollar Question. It basically asking what’s our purpose? Why are we here? Am I seeking your will and your purpose? We all need to ask ourselves that. Know Me was song reminded everyone that you know what she stand for. She say, you should know me by now. You should know I’m reppin Christ.

The next song is called Lies feat B. Cooper & Angie Rose. Its about all the lies that go around in our head that we tell ourselves or somebody else tell us. We have to stay focused on Christ to dismiss the lies. The title cut is called Problems. It might be my favorite. It’ll definitely make the rotation. Its about holding on to problems. We need to let go and let God. She asks the question, why hold on to your problems?

The next track was spoken word piece called Pulse. It was deep and kind of comparing time to the pulse of your heart. Heart on My Sleeve feat Jay Parker might be some of her hardest bars. She went in talking about everything from being vulnerable because her heart is on her sleeve to showing the love of Christ for that same reason, cause she know that he got her. They dude Jay Parker went nuts on there too.

Street Files. Oh my God I love this song. She hit me that old school, boom bap, with a few bars about being true to yourself and believing…sound like a freestyle. Unconditional is a song describing God’s love. She say no matter who you are or what you going through, he is there and won’t leave you. Even when we fighting it, his love is unconditional.

Life is about understanding that this life we living in can have you lost. She ask the questions where do we go and why are we here? The last track was called The Real Question. She was basically asking you to check what you believe.

Dig this verse from Problems…

they don’t know my struggle
they don’t know my name
they don’t know my hustle
they don’t know my aim
living that hard life I still can’t complain
dealing with thoughts that all up in my brain
I’m going crazy I just need to pray
from day to day I try hard to obey
little bit of change
little bit of pain
little bit of rain
homegirl better get an umbrella
got alot to prove
got alot to choose
get up out the mud
grab my hand its time for you to get up
we ain’t got time to be depressed no more
we ain’t got no time to impress no more
this for my sisters that feel so low
that feel all alone and can’t take no more

Sister Sicily got bars. The album is tight. The concepts and lyricism was there. The production was on point with an array of alternative, pop, hip hop and even a lil trap sound in there. It’s 11 tracks all with a serious message, and frankly, we all got problems. Believing and having faith is the answer and she did a great job of making that known.  Check it out for yourself.