I been having this Surf Gvng project for a few weeks now. This is a classic example of what I call, Trap Worship. These young boys on here going in. It’s packed with trap and autotune and everything else trendy right now. The main difference is, Christ is forefront on this project. It’s clear who they are representing.

Welcome is the intro. It’s an official welcome to the project and everything they are about. They are welcoming you to experience the love of Christ. Running is about just trying to get that work done. It’s about running and doing your day to day with a focus on God. Gvng Signs is a song about being misunderstood. They say, they think we throwing up gang signs, when really we just keep our hands in the air because of his goodness.

Down and Out is a reminder how it ain’t no love in the streets. Everybody wanna see you down and out. Don’t nobody wanna support your come up if its not helping them. Lawyer Fee is truthfully, the reality of the street life. If you out here hustlin illegally, gang banging and running the streets, you’ll need to save some lawyer fees. They talked about getting bonds denied but having favor. Low To the Ground sound like a trap song about riding low. It’s actually about remaining humble. It’s about being low to the ground to keep praying. Being low to the ground is also a good defense.

I’m God is a brief reminder that, God is in everything. That God is I am that I am. Everything can remind us of God. Yeshua Christo is a dedication to our Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s about simply understanding and honoring who is. Spark a Prayer is about wanting help your peers get closer to God than higher. We should be able to pray for our partners and boys hustling, as easy as it is to spark a blunt up. Raging Water is a song about understanding you can be safe, even in the raging waters. Stay focused on God and not distracted by the rage.

Dig this verse from Running

No dope dealing all I sell is hope
Devil watching me like periscope
Choppas flying babies crying
In the hood they catching bodies
Get to heaven that is all I know
Everybody wanna see it
But everybody don’t believe it
Play around your never see it
I can never keep it low-key
Ten percent off the whole piece
I’ll watch it come back hundred
Turn a round then sow another seed
I’m patient but I see the signs
Waking up to genocide
Nine to five to survive
Die to self that’s homicide (oh yea)

Overall, its a nice project. The beats was on point. The message was clear. The lyrics was tight. The hooks was catchy. They represented Christ and their block to the fullest. I can dig it…you should too.