tre-cosmos-aurkingAbout 2-3 years ago, I met the homie Tre Cosmos at the Difference. He performed a song called Levitate.  Right then, I was like…the boy got bars. I got excited because you don’t see much lyricism in Christian rap.  You’ll get the ministry and the message of the Savior, but as a fan of hip hop, I be looking for lyrics too.  This man of God from Baytown TX didn’t let me down.
It starts off with Kingdom Come.  It is a great intro to the album.  The song was about focusing on the Kingdom and what the job really is.  The job is moving that weight…and that weight is the word of God. Crown was a song about highlighting the fact that God saved him and because of that, you can’t take his crown.  He made it be known he was a Htown representer…by way of Baytown. Dear You was a song written about all of us. How and why we make some bad decisions when we know better.  Drive is about staying the course on this road to greatness and even when your current destination don’t seem right, you gotta keep driving.  Aurking was about being responsible for the message we give the youth.  Christ Rules Everything Around Me is a Htown anthem promoting how we rep the King in Houston while including subtle tribute to the great group UGK.
He has some other songs like Pretty Phoenix which is a dedication to a certain lady.  Illuminati Love is about dying to the flesh so you can truly experience the love of Christ.  You have to die to yourself in order to live for Christ.  Love On Fire is about understanding the real love of Christ.  The fact that his love is what erased all of our sins and kept us from hell.  His love is on fire.  Stone Cold Killa is a about being out here witnessing and trying lead people to Christ.  We have to be sharp and focused on the task at hand…like a stone cold killa.

Dig these bars from Kingdom Come

Tre on the beat whats new dog
stomping this beat like a Q dog
serving the streets
turn fam to fame and now moving this weight no Uhaul
this weight is the word
I carry the weight for the word
Cause the word carries the weight of the world
see it all full circle now
circle let me bring that back
he carried the cross had it on his back
the cross is your sin yeah died for that
yeah Christ is the word and he gave us that
bring it back
this weight is the word
I carry the weight for the word
Cause the word carries the weight of the world
moving weight has a new meaning now
his love is like a little taste of heaven
once you taste it you’ll be fiending for it 24/7
you’ll be begging for it
till it haunts you
he’ll give it to you freely even if you never want it

He has several other songs too like Cold War, Legends and even Dark Knight.  The sound quality was impeccable.  It has a range of production from hip hop, RnB, pop and even some soul music on this album…that Tre actually produced himself. Yeah, he did the beats too.  The word play was fun and creative while the message was honest and sincere.  You want something different to jam and still get your praise on, check out Aurking from the homie Tre Cosmos.  Its a good look. Get it on Google Play.