State of Emergency is a mixtape that is necessary for todays society. Shout out Trinity for being a bold believer. As an ordained minister and soon to be youth Pastor, it takes boldness and faith to drop a mixtape highlighting all of the problems in the church. Trinity - State of Emergency, Church We Have a Problem


Under his Destine 2 Shine Records label, he released “State of Emergency – Church We Have a Problem”. This isn’t just your run of the mill mixtape either. For as long as I’ve known him, Trinity has always been a fan of the old school. With that being said, he stayed true to himself using classic instrumentals like Biggie’s Juicy and even Scarface’s Smile.Listening to the project, it seemed as if he was fed up with how the church is being non-responsive to the issues that affect our communities and how the church isn’t representing what God intending it to be.


couldn’t believe what I see man the church ain’t right
instead of praying for the body they fuss and backbite
lets bring it to the light
stop playing these games
they wanna lift up your name but live a life full of shame
will still pass the blame but won’t account for nothing
caught slaying not praying
Satan still out here working
these demons still lurking
now they go to the devil
disregarding sacred names giving God no reverence
everybody want heaven, don’t wanna die
preachers preach to feel good for a slice of the pie


Trinity even brought back the classic single, “It Hurts”.
State of Emergency also features tracks from several other soldiers like Immortal’s Behind Enemy Lines & Prayer Warriors and even Poetic Prophet’s Lord I Try.
This is one you need to have…for real