So, here we are with another Reach Records release. This one is the next release from track blazer, Trip Lee. It’s called The Waiting Room. From what I gather, the concept is mainly about that time in life where you are transitioning from making bad choices and wrong moves to when you begin operating in the will of God and being blessed because of it. In typical Trip Lee fashion, he flirted around various life topics and input his own experiences.

It starts off with Clouds. It is about staying focused throughout everything. He’s not affected by the haters and the naysayers because he way up in clouds…like he on one. Too Cold is about being so nice in the game that they frozen in place. Literally, not moving. Lord Have Mercy is one of my favorites. He simply asking for mercy because he keep sinning. We all need mercy cause we all keep sinning.

IDK is about that feeling when you going through the struggle, and you been praying, and it seem like God not listening to you. They ask if the Lord is hearing your prayer…but I don’t know. Ready feat. Dimitri McDowell is about knowing that death is always around the corner. It’s about being ready whenever the time comes, because it will come. Still Unashamed feat Tedashii is just making it known that they still believe and its still about the Kingdom. They still unashamed of the Gospel. Money Up is song reflecting on the dreams and things people would say when they were hustling trying to get their dollars up. Wait until I get my money up… Out My Way is a message to those trying to block blessing and stop the movement. Please…get out my way.

Longer feat India Shawn is a song about holding on to the promises God has for us. Hold on a little while longer. Billion Years feat Taylor Hill is just reminding us to prepare for the long haul. Things can happen slow or fast, but they will happen. Will you be prepared.

Dig these lyrics from Lord Have Mercy

A born sinner like Biggie maybe Cole,
If ya picture pitch black you can peer into my soul
Angels prolly crying ain’t no pennants for my roles
I don’t want to face a sentence but its clear I’m getting cold
I try hard everytime I think I’m on the way up
All the wicked stuff I’m plottin make me stay up
Its like I ain’t in control of my soul doing good is hard labor but evil like a layup
Momma ain’t raise me wrong
Potna I ain’t popping pistols till your brain is gone
Still I know my list of sins is getting way too long
If only God can judge me what lawyer gone take me on

The Waiting Room is cool project. It’s short with only 10 songs, but a good listen nonetheless. We know Trip got bars and when you add his interesting delivery you get a nice album. It has subtle mentions and references to Christ and other biblical points. The tracks was hot with a combination of new school and soulful type beats. I wouldn’t call it a classic, but it’s a jammer though. Get you a copy.